Achieve a tranquil state with Zen bathroom designs

Zen is a state of blissful tranquility, and Zen bathroom designs helps recreate that sense of calm and peace which is so essential in our hectic, bustling lives. To be Zen is be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. It is a state of calm which helps unite the body and the mind in achieving a certain degree of serenity, and the bathroom is one place where we unwind every day. It is, therefore a brilliant idea to incorporate Zen elements into your bathroom designs in order to be just a few steps away from complete calm and quiet. zen bathroom designs An uncluttered space is the first step towards good Zen bathroom designs. A peaceful, uncluttered mind requires peaceful and uncluttered surroundings, and for that purpose, it is best to opt for minimalistic designs. Simple shapes and structures should be opted for, instead of intricate work. And the best way to achieve an uncluttered bathroom is to create clever storage. A table under the sink as well as some more storage space around the bathroom can be used to keep the essentials without leaving them all over the open space.

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The colours in each room affect the person using the rooms, and in order to stick to Zen bathroom designs, one must opt for colours which encourage a Zen state of mind. Earthy colours are perfect, because they stick to a nature-oriented feel, and what better way to feel tranquil than to be one with nature. In order to enhance these effects, natural elements can be introduced to the bathroom too. Plants and flowers which have mild scents can greatly enhance the Zen-like feeling in the bathroom. The Zen bathroom designs should include natural elements such as stone as well. A stone sink, a stone divider, or even jars filled with smooth stones are a great option.

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One should also add organic elements such as organic fabrics for towels, for rugs and for wall-hangings, organic soaps and other accessories made of organic materials. Zen bathroom designs remain incomplete without a good lighting system. Windows with glazed glass are perfect, and if they are made to be big windows, they will let in a lot of light without the bathroom getting too bright.  For the evenings, the artificial lights shouldn’t be too bright and glaring. The best option is to use clever lampshades and light holders which will give off a dim but reassuring glow of light, perfect for a meditative state of mind.

The decoration too, should not be too distracting to the person using the bathroom. It should not make for a stressful, decadent atmosphere, but a calm, relaxed one, because that is exactly what Zen bathroom designs should aspire for. Other small elements can be added to the design to enhance the Zen state of mind. The bathtub or the shower unit should not be too complicated, and both/either should be comfortable to the utmost. Adding bath salts with relaxing properties, and placing scented candles at strategic places will also help with the tranquil atmosphere. The trick is to realize when to stop, so as to not clutter the space.

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