Add a modern touch to your small bathroom design

If comfort and style is what you’re looking for, and you’re constricted by space, then opt for a modern small bathroom design. The modern touch may be all your small bathroom needs to transform from being a restricted, cluttered space, to a room of beauty, relaxation and style. There are many modern ideas for décor out there which keep in mind issues such as the restriction of space. A modern, sleek feel to the bathroom will help make it look less congested, and will also add beauty, which, it is normally assumed, comes with adequate space. However, most of these designs make way for space management very effectively.

modern small bathroom design

Most modern designs have been relying heavily on a monochrome palette. For a small bathroom, however, shades of black and grey will make it look even smaller. Opt for a primarily white bathroom and incorporate darker shades in small amounts, to break the monotony. The modern small bathroom design should be well thought-out. With small spaces, mistakes, such as the overlooking of adequate storage and the incorrect placement of an essential item can cause discomfort for days. Also, picking colours for the walls and floor without judging the space might end up making the bathroom look dull, drab and constricting. All of these items need to be chosen simultaneously, and each of their placements needs to be decided carefully.

modern small bathroom design1

With a modern small bathroom design, the shades of white and beige will go perfectly. Make sure you choose the lighter colours for the majority of the bathroom, and you can accessorize with darker colours later. A small bathroom can look glamorous too. Add textures to these light shades to transform the feel of the place Textures can be added in terms of textured paint for the walls, in terms of tiles for the floors and the materials the essential fittings such as the toilet, the sink and the bathroom are made up of. Many modern small bathroom designs make generous use of glass, since it gives a more spacious feel to limited space. Partition your shower cubicle or tub with glass, because an opaque partitioning makes the room look smaller than it is.

modern small bathroom design2

Try not to incorporate ornate fittings in modern small bathroom design ideas. Ornate fittings tend to take up more space, and they look large and decadent. A minimalistic feel is better for a smaller bathroom, and tiny ornate fittings can end up making the bathroom look smaller in significant ways. The storage, however, is of the utmost important with small bathrooms. Try to get storage spaces built into the wall, and making glass doors for these cabinets will make them look chic, and incredibly modern. They will, at the same time, be very practical and useful. Shelves should be built higher up than usual so as to make way for as much movement in the small bathroom as possible. And instead of cluttering the area around the sink, space for keeping toiletries can be built beside the mirror, in the form of small shelves, in order to decrease the clutter, which is important for small bathrooms.

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