Add the western touch to your bathroom designs

The good old west is a period most of us are nostalgic about, and western bathroom designs celebrate the feel of the times gone by. Western culture has permeated into our movies, into our home décor, into the novels we read, and also, sometimes, the clothes that we wear. Nostalgia about western life is something most of us feel, and using the bathroom to express our love for all things western should be proof of our love for that time and place.

western bathroom designs

Western bathroom designs make liberal use of wood. The wood should not be polished and sandpapered to extreme smoothness. There was always a rugged, rustic edge to western lifestyle, and in order to bring back that feel, the flooring of the bathroom can be done up in reclaimed wooden planks. The fact that the planks are reclaimed, make them look aged and worn, which adds character to the floor of the bathroom, and to the bathroom in general. Pine wood works very well in this case as well. Wooden flooring is one of the typical hallmarks of western culture, and will therefore, go a long way in establishing the theme of the bathroom.

western bathroom designs1

The colours of the bathroom should be based along the lines of tan, brown and cream. It adds a distinct western feel to it. The western bathroom design needs to be rustic, without being uncomfortable. The bathroom should be reminiscent of the good old western days as soon as someone enters it. Going all out would mean getting the walls done up in wood as well.  But make sure the flooring and the walls are not the exact same. That creates a monotonous feel, which is not what you want for your bathroom.Leather is also one of the materials which are a hallmark of that period. Adding a leather stool in front of the vanity, framing the mirror with a leather frame, and adding a couple of leather storage boxes in the corner can help establish the connection with the western culture. Make sure, however, to use faux leather or synthetic leather. Real leather is expensive, is not very ethical and is also prone to getting spoilt when in constant contact with moisture.

western bathroom designs2

Adding the equestrian theme throughout the bathroom is also a good idea. The shower curtains can have horses printed on them, as can any rugs on the floor, or even the towels. Horses were a major theme is western culture, and can be celebrated through the accessories in your bathroom. Make sure that all the fittings are not too sleek, but are rough and rustic enough to give off the western feel without being uncomfortable to use. Western bathroom designs also make generous use of the horseshoe symbol. For those who are really daring, the toilet seat can be made to resemble  a horseshoe, or towel holders near the shower or beside the sink can also be make to look like that.

Fir finishing touches, hanging up a couple of cowboy hats, or having a holder on the vanity case shaped like a cowboy hat, says western like nothing else does.


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