Add some vintage charm to your bathroom design!

Bring back some old-world charm to your living space with a vintage bathroom design. If you love the good old days, and if you love everything vintage, then why not add this facet of interest to the way you bathroom looks. There is a lot of warmth, nostalgia and quirkiness associated with vintage décor, and with a few smart moves, a vintage-inspired bathroom can become more than just a vague concept or a wish.

In order to actualize your vintage bathroom design, there is no better place to start at, than at an antique store. Tucked away in little corners, you will find beautiful pieces which will go perfectly with the vintage feel of the bathroom. An antique cabinet, or a table to go with your sink, the perfect vintage mirror frame, and maybe even fittings can be managed from the antique stores. The vintage bathroom design is very eclectic, but realizing it requires a lot of patience, because one has to scour the stores to look for the perfect components. A rustic wooden cabinet with a rough paint job, a wooden shelf with bright but faded paint, a wrought iron mirror frame, or a wooden, rustic mirror frame are just some options to get started on the vintage bathroom design.

vintage bathroom design

If you want to go all out with the vintage feel, a four legged, old-school bathtub. Vintage-inspired floral shower curtains will go perfectly with the bathtub, or if you want to splurge a little bit, you can get your favorite old-school images printed on basic shower curtains, and hang them around the tub with antique curtain rods. The vintage bathroom design should include your favorite artifacts of nostalgia, and you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match. Everything need not be linear and matching, as long as they reflect the vintage charm and quirk. Make sure your idea of the vintage bathroom design is clear before you head out to shop, otherwise, you might end up with a lot of objects which will not fit in anywhere.

vintage bathroom design1

Adding lots of vintage posters to the bathroom is a very good idea too. Buy posters of your favorite vintage artists, some painting prints, and some band posters, and put them in vintage frames. The same can be done to pictures of friends and family, and one wall can be dedicated to these frames. You can add a statement framed poster of your favorite old-school movie above the bathtub to draw attention to the set-up as well. Wood is always vintage, so do not be afraid to add a lot of wooden fittings, but make sure they are protected from the constant moisture. Adding brass faucets and taps can also help recreate the feel.

vintage bathroom design2

Vintage is all about treasuring the best of the bygone eras, and there are various different vintage styles to choose from. A vintage bathroom design reflects a certain kind of coolness and originality because there’s a lot of room to improvise. Let the design be a celebration of all that love you have for everything old and golden.

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