Bathroom designs 2013 – The designs to watch

Bathroom designs 2013!  Doesn’t this phrase itself shout ‘fashion’? Well, it sure does and the reason behind this is the fact that the bathroom designs for the year 2013 are extremely fashionable, classy and sophisticated. And the best part about these designs is that they come in a huge variety. So whether you have a big bathroom space or a small bathroom space, whether you have a big budget or a small budget and whether you want to stick to the classic shades of white or experiment with colors, you will find a design. With so much on offer, it makes a lot of sense for you to check these designs out. The latest design ideas are available online and offline. Read on to know how you can find them out.

Bathroom designs 2013 – Where to find them

The latest bathroom designs can be found aplenty on the internet. You can simply browse at the online pictures and know all about the latest designs for bathrooms. You can also go through blogs, journals and online magazines to know more about the designs, the concepts behind them, the creators of these designs and so on. Apart from the internet, you can also find the pictures of 2013 bathroom designs in offline magazines and catalogues. Then, you always have the option of visiting a hardware store and seeing the designs for yourself. Most of the leading and local hardware stores have the bathroom designs on display. You can buy the ones you like readymade or you can have them replicated in your bathroom.

Bathroom designs 2013
Bathroom designs 2013
Bathroom designs 2013

If you want to get your hands on the most unique 2013 bathroom designs, you can seek the services of a professional interior designer. It can safely be said that some of the designs are very closely guarded secrets and you can only get to know about them through a professional bathroom designer! Speak to the designer about your preference and also give him or her a broad idea of the things you want in the bathroom and the things you do not want. This will help the designer in showing you the most appropriate designs. Also discuss the color scheme of the bathroom and the kind of accessories you want. No matter how innovative the design and layout of the bathroom, the place will look disastrous if you do not have the right colors and accessories. So keep this point in mind at all times to get the perfect results.

So as you can clearly see, finding the bathroom designs of 2013 isn’t a difficult job at all. You just need to find them and then employ the best one in your bathroom plan. Go online, visit a hardware store, flip through a catalogue or simply hire an interior designer. Whatever you do, make sure you get the best and most attractive bathroom design of 2013 so that your bathroom looks absolutely stunning. Just keep the phrase “bathroom designs 2013” in mind!

Getting ideas from a bathroom design gallery

Living in the present day has many advantages and one of them is that we can have access to any bathroom design gallery without any trouble at all. These galleries are available both in the real world and in the virtual world. As a result, you can simply glance at them and get some fabulous ideas about your bathroom design. Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, taking a look at the gallery would be of great help as not only can you find pictures and diagrams, you can also get a solid idea about the layout and look of your bathroom.

How a bathroom design gallery helps

If you have a bathroom design gallery, you can benefit in a number of ways. Read on to know how.

  1. Getting an idea about the size – Looking at gallery pictures of bathrooms in similar sizes to yours can help you in getting a fair idea about the dimensions. You can then understand how many things you can place in the bathroom, where you can place them, and so on. if you have a small space for the bathroom, check out small bathroom designs and if you have a larger space, large bathroom designs.
  2. Getting an idea about the accessories – Looking at a readymade design gallery can save you the trouble of having to design your bathroom yourself. You can simply take note of the accessories placed in the gallery and copy them for your own bathroom. This is a simple, yet very effective way to benefit from a design gallery.
  3. Understanding the color scheme – Gone are the days when bathrooms were just plain white with porcelain fixtures! Nowadays you have fancier bathrooms with lovely colors and contemporary fixtures in different shades. So looking at a gallery can give you a wider idea about the different color schemes available for bathrooms.
  4. Getting an idea about the tiles and flooring – Tiles and flooring are two very important aspects of a bathroom. You must install them properly to ensure the bathroom stays hygienic and fresh at all times. Improper installation of tiles and the floor can also lead to the maintenance costs soaring. So observe the gallery closely to see how you can have the perfect tiles and flooring.
  5. Budget – A design gallery has all the elements you would want in your bathroom. As a result, just by looking at them you can decide what all you want for your own bathroom and then calculate how much it will cost you. This way you will get a fair idea of the budget.

bathroom design gallery
bathroom design gallery
bathroom design gallery

So as we can see, these design galleries prove to be of immense help to everyone looking to build or renovate a bathroom. If you too are doing so, make sure you look at a few design galleries to get as many design ideas as possible. You can find a good bathroom design gallery online or offline.

The best places to find bathroom shower designs

A bathroom without a shower is like a sky without stars and so everyone tries to find the best bathroom shower designs for their bathrooms. Showers not only add glamour to your bathroom, they are also absolutely essential fixtures that no one can leave out. Gone are the days when buckets were filled for bathing. A bath, in the modern day world, can never be complete without a nice, gentle shower. If you are renovating your bathroom or building a new one, you would surely be on the lookout for some great shower designs. Read on to know how and where you can find the best possible shower designs.

Finding the perfect bathroom shower designs

If you are looking to get the perfect shower installed in your bathroom, you would benefit greatly by drawing up a design first. While ready made showers are widely available, it would be a good idea to design a unique shower for your bathroom. For this, you can either draw the patterns yourself or you could consult your friends and family members. Sit with them and brainstorm ideas. You will be amazed at the great suggestions that come up! Combine it all to get the perfect, unique shower design for your new bathroom. Alternatively, you could also consult a professional interior designer who could also do the job for you. This may cost you more, but the end results would totally be worth it! Finally, you can look at online pictures and also glance through magazines and catalogues to get design ideas. You could either directly replicate those very designs or you could have them customized in ways suitable to you.

bathroom shower designs
bathroom shower designs
bathroom shower designs

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while drawing a shower plan. First of all, you need to keep the shape and size of the bathroom in mind. If you have a large space to work on, you can be more liberal with your designs. If you however have a limited space, it would be wise to stick to the basic designs. If you want to save space and have multiple fixtures, combining the shower and the bath tub would be a wise idea. Then, you need to keep the flooring in mind. If you have a tiled or stone floor, you need not worry much. But if you have a wooden floor, you have to be careful and ensure that the water doesn’t soil the floor too much. In such cases, it is always a good idea to take proper shower curtains or shower doors in place.

So look for a good shower design and transform your bathroom into a beautiful and stylish place. This will not only make your daily bathing enjoyable and satisfying, you will also have a very unique looking bathroom in your house. The designs are neither difficult to find nor are they difficult to implement. So go on and find the best bathroom shower designs and make your bathroom a pretty place.

Reasons why traditional bathroom designs are always popular

Even with all the futuristic and modern designs for bathrooms available these days, the traditional bathroom designs hold their place. The main reason behind this is that traditional designs and practical, space saving and can be implemented in all kinds of budgets. So even while a section of society only invests in modern bathroom, the majority of people still go with traditional bathrooms. If you are building a bathroom and want some design ideas, it would surely be a good idea to check out the traditional designs for bathrooms. They are useful, cost effective and help you in building the perfect no-fuss bathroom.

The popularity of traditional bathroom designs

The debate about whether a traditional bathroom is better or whether a modern one is better continues. However, we have a number of reasons listed here that would convince you why it is a good idea to go for a conventional design. Take a look:

  • Easy to find – The biggest and most important justification is that the traditional designs of bathrooms are very easy to find. You don’t have to put in any kind of extra effort to find the bathroom fixtures, accessories and vanities. Since the designs are so popular, you can find the things you need to build your bathroom at practically any hardware store. They are found in abundance online as well. On the other hand however, the modern bathroom designs demand more unique fixtures and accessories and they are often difficult to find.
  • Economical – The conventional bathroom designs help you in building a toilet in a very economic manner. The newer, contemporary designs are much more expensive to carry out. So if you have a tight budget to stick to, adopt a traditional plan and get a beautiful bathroom without any problem whatsoever.
  • Easy to build – The designs that are traditional are also very easy to carry out. So no matter who you hire, no matter how skilled your carpenter is, he will be able to build the bathroom for you. Building a modern toilet may require appointing highly skilled workers who would surely be more expensive and harder to find as well.
  • Easy to maintain – The traditional bathrooms can be maintained with a lot of ease. You do not have to go out of your way to keep them well maintained, something you may have to do with a modern bathroom.

traditional bathroom designs
traditional bathroom designs
traditional bathroom designs

So do not worry if you cannot afford or find a modern bathroom design for yourself. The traditional designs are equally good, if not better in many ways. A bathroom is an integral part of the house and you must build it in a way that it is easy to use. A traditional bathroom will always ensure this. So do not worry about the fancy fittings and over-the-top designs. Stick to the humble traditional bathroom designs and get set to have a bathroom that is very practically built and looks nice as well.

Tips to help you design your own bathroom

Are you looking to design your own bathroom? Are you excited at the prospect of having a bathroom as per own tastes and aesthetics? But are you confused as to how to go about the job? If yes, then you have surely come to the right place. Here we have some tips for you to help you build your own bathroom. All you have to do is get a design plan in place and then execute the plan to your best abilities. The job isn’t difficult at all and if you put in just a little bit of effort, you can very well design your own bathroom.

How to design your own bathroom

While designing the bathroom, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Making a decision – The first and the most important tip is to make a decision regarding the fixtures and accessories you want in the bathroom. Do you want them customized or ready made? Do want them all in the same material or do you want variety? How many vanities and cabinets do you want? What are the accessories you must have in your bathroom? Once these are decided upon, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Measuring the bathroom – The design of a bathroom depends greatly upon its size and shape. If you have a small space, you cannot put too many things in it but you would surely have more liberty to do so in a bigger bathroom. So before you decide on buying the fixtures and other bathroom materials, measure your bathroom to know exactly what it can hold and what it can’t.
  3. Deciding the color scheme – There are very few things that look as bad a multicolored toilet! So stick to any one color or use a fusion of two colors, but not more. Paint the walls and get upholstery in matching shades. This will give the bathroom a grand look.
  4. Keep the budget in mind – While designing their own bathrooms, a lot of times people tend to get carried away and end up spending extra. If you want to avoid this, keep a specific budget in mind and stick to it.
  5. Time allotment – Another very important tip to remember is time allotment. You have to have an allotted time within which you must finish your bathroom. You cannot take forever to build it! If you take too long, you will lose direction and this can lead to serious problems and mismatches.

design your own bathroom
design your own bathroom
design your own bathroom

The above mentioned tips are easy to follow and you would benefit a lot if you kept them in mind while designing your bathroom. Always remember that sticking to a plan helps rather than working aimlessly. So work in a systematic manner and you will have your very own customized bathroom ready in no time! It is not difficult at all to design your own bathroom and that is perhaps the reason why more and more people are doing so these days.

The stunning modern bathroom designs

The modern bathroom designs are growing in popularity with every passing day. The designs are unique and very, very different from what we have always seen in traditional bathrooms. From fancy woodwork inside the bathroom to state-of-the art sanitary fixtures, the modern bathrooms have a lot on offer. If you too are looking for a modern bathroom plan, read on to know where exactly to find them and how to implement the designs.

Where to find modern bathroom designs

The modern bathroom designs can be found:

  1. On the internet – The internet is a great boon to us today and we quite literally find everything in it! So it isn’t a surprise to know that lots and lots of contemporary bathroom design ideas are also found online. Go through pictures, browse web magazines and read articles to find out all about the designs of modern bathrooms from the world over. The designs can then be replicated exactly in your bathroom or you can draw some inspiration from them. Either way, the designs will pave the way for a great modern bathroom in your house.
  2. From catalogues and high society magazines – A lot of celebrities have modern bathrooms in their houses. If you want a sneak peek into those designs, take a look at the high end magazines and see if you find anything. You can then ask your carpenter to copy the design for you. You would in all probability have to get the bathroom fixtures and accessories custom made as the designs would surely be unique and not sold at stores!
  3. With designers – A lot of people invest a lot of money to ensure they have the perfect bathroom in their houses. If you too don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, then appoint an interior designer and ask her to design a unique and stunning modern bathroom for you. This will definitely ensure that your bathroom would stand out from everyone else’s and you will have a great contemporary bathroom in your house.

Once you have the design with you, you need to be very careful in selecting the workers who actually build the bathroom for you. Do not employ just anyone as only specialized workers can work on the modern designs. If the craftsmanship is not good, the designs will fall flat and your bathroom may just turn into a disaster! Always remember that a modern bathroom is not going to cost as less as a traditional bathroom and so you must be ready to spend. Also, if the bathroom design is not carried out properly, the bathroom may become dysfunctional with water related problems. So always stress on getting only the best workers to carry out the job.

modern bathroom designs
modern bathroom designs
modern bathroom designs

A modern bathroom is a classy thing and if you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, you could surely check out the contemporary designs for bathrooms. They are easy to find and look great as well. So go on and lay your hands on the stunning modern bathroom designs.