5 Unique Garage Ceiling Storage Systems

Garage ceiling storage systems are much in demand these days. This is because of a number of reasons. First and foremost, the ceiling of the garage is usually left unutilized and in today’s day and age when space is such a luxury, it makes a lot of sense to convert the ceiling into a storage area. But how can we stow our things on a mere ceiling? Well, as you have guessed quite correctly, it is logically and practically impossible to hang the things on the ceiling without adequate support systems! The garage ceiling storage systems therefore come in handy as they prove to be perfect storage compartments that anyone can use. Read on to know more.

Overhead Garage Storage System

HyLoft Overhead Garage Storage

The best garage ceiling storage systems

  1. Build lockers on the ceiling – If you can undertake a slightly complicated project, then you can build some lockers on the ceiling. You will have to attach the lockers on the top. You have to be very wise and careful as in such a case you will be working against gravity. So what you have to do is make the lockers deep inside, but have a very narrow opening. So when they are ready, you can simply shove the things inside and close the door quickly. It is best to have a flat bottom with the opening somewhere in the middle. This way you can push the items to the sides and keep them there till you need them again.Garage Storage From Ceiling

  2. Shelves on the ceiling – This is a simpler and a more practical thing to do. Shelves work as great garage overhead storage compartments. You can use the ceiling to hang some racks and shelves. You can then use the base of the shelf to store your things on. Suspend the shelves from the ceiling and use the bottom rack to store the items on.Garage Overhead Storage

  3. Bicycle hooks – If you want to park your bicycle in the garage, but cannot accommodate it, you can use the ceiling for this purpose. All you have to do is install some sturdy, large looks from the ceiling of the garage and use these hooks to hang your bike. The bike can be hung on the hooks by either one or both the wheels. It will keep the bike off the floor and will give you enough space to move around.Garage Overhead Storage Solutions

  4. Ladder storage brackets – This is one of the easiest and the most intelligent garage ceiling storage systems. Here, what you have to do is get two similar sized brackets and screw them to the ceiling. Then, you can place the ladder horizontally on the brackets. Before you do this, measure the length of the ladder and place the brackets away from each other accordingly. This will save a lot of space and will also prove to be a very inexpensive garage overhead storage solution.garage ceiling storage systems

  5. Hanging empty bags from the ceiling – If you have some light items such as old clothes, shoes, etc that you want to store, you can hang them in bags from the garage ceiling. Since these bags won’t take up much space and won’t be very heavy, you can use small hooks for them. Place these hooks around the bicycle hooks and the ladder brackets.Garage Ceiling Storage Systems Lowe's

Installing the wonderful garage ceiling storage systems

Now that you know more about these very handy garage storage systems, go ahead and install them in your garage. They are very easy to install and help you out immensely to save and utilize a lot of space in the garage. Be creative in your own way and add to these ideas and very soon you will have some of the best garage ceiling storage systems in your garage.

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Garage Ceiling Ideas


Modern Designs for Garage Storage Cabinets with Doors

Garage storage cabinets with doors are useful way of ensuring that the storage capacity of your garage is used to its full potential. Large storage cabinets for garage spaces work well with those who own large as well as small garages, while storage cabinets with doors and shelves allow for greater storage potential of the cabinet.

Used Garage Storage Cabinets

Used garage wall cabinets can be found at various home development and stores, while it is also easy to locate large storage cabinets for garage spaces. The end result of garage storage cabinets with doors is that space is saved with the dual purpose of adding storage options for homeowners.

Three-Door Garage Storage Cabinet

Garage storage cabinets with doors are useful storage options

There are a number of helpful uses to having garage storage cabinets with door as storage options for your garage. The first natural use of any cabinet that includes doors is the fact that one can securely store and lock certain implements. This is useful for those homeowners who use their garages to store certain items outside the home.

Storage closet for garage

These items can include poisonous, flammable, or otherwise harmful substances, which are not favorable for storage within the house as they might cause harm to young children and family pets. These items must therefore be stored in the garage, and what better way to ensure safe and secure storage in the garage, then by installing superior quality garage storage cabinets with doors? A number of different styles of these storage cabinets are available, which can then be customized by using a variety of DIY or do-it-yourself methods.

Storage Cabinets with Doors

This customization will ensure additional ergonomic value of the garage storage cabinets with doors. Many modern garage storage cabinets with doors are available that contain helpful additions that will ensure that harmful liquids and such are childproof, such as sophisticated lock systems. Usually these systems are not found on old or refurbished systems so they are an exclusive benefit of only modern garage storage cabinets with doors.

Storage Cabinets with Doors and Shelves

Garage storage cabinets with doors look good and have some benefits

Another benefit of buying and installing modern garage storage cabinets with doors is the fact that you now have the option of adding benefits to the doors themselves. Whether you are focusing on the interior door or the exterior door depends entirely on the actual design of your chosen garage storage cabinets with doors. Some garage storage cabinets with doors have hollowed interior doors or spaces which can double up as storage spaces. The interior can also serve as a space for hanging units, which requires one to hammer in a hangnail or heavy duty nail into the interior door on which the hanging unit can be hung securely.

Garage Cabinet Deals

In the same way some garage storage cabinets with doors that are designed for greater ergonomic value will come with nails and storage options that are present on the outside of the door. If existing storage options are not available in your particular set of garage storage cabinets with doors, you have the option of creating storage options in the same manner as suggested earlier for garage storage cabinets with doors that have interior storage space options. There are a vast number of storage options and design options that are available in context with garage storage cabinet plans.

garage storage cabinets with doors

One also has the option to build or customize additional storage space. The average modern garage storage cabinets with doors serve as secure storage spaces for a number of items, and are usually easy to tweak, edited, and rebuilt in order to make them more suitable to the storage needs of an individual homeowner.

Easy Steps for Garage Storage Cabinet Plans

In the modern day and age of DIY garage storage cabinet plans, it is easy for any homeowner to follow easy instructions on implementing garage storage cabinet plans for that personalized storage solution for their garage spaces. Garage storage plans free of cost can be obtained via the Internet on numerous websites that are dedicated to helping one implement DIY or do-it-yourself projects, and free garage cabinet building plans can be found the same way.

Free Garage Cabinet Building Plans

Building garage storage cabinets’ plans range in difficulty in context with building based on how accustomed one is, to the concept of personally carrying out wood work, metalwork, and fabrication jobs. Some projects pertaining to garage storage cabinet plans are for beginners, while the detail rich plans are reserved for those homeowners who are used to DIY garage cabinet creation.

DIY Garage Storage Cabinets Plans

Some easy garage storage cabinet plans which will help you get started

For those homeowners who are just venturing into the DIY project arena and are unsure about plans pertaining to storage of any sort, here are some basic concepts for you to understand prior to understanding your garage storage cabinet plans and their implementation. The first concept involves understanding the various types of garage storage cabinets that are available in the market, those which can be built from scratch by DIY beginners, and the kind of storage that they offer.

Free Garage Storage Cabinets Plans

A basic garage storage cabinet will look a lot like your average bathroom cabinet that is magnified several times over. When you open it, that is, if it is the kind of storage cabinet that has a door, you will notice various shelves inside which serve as storage spaces for various implements.

Garage Shelving Plans

If your garage storage cabinet plans do not have a door, that is equally alright and will save you the effort of creating a door and understanding the concept of door hinges. To look at the basic construction of bookshelves and bathroom cabinets therefore, will help you come up with your own garage storage cabinet plans which, like the aforementioned storage units, will boast of a clean and functional design. Feel free to browse the Internet for various options that are available in context with free and easy to follow garage storage plans and instructions on how to build them.

garage storage cabinet plans

Garage storage cabinet plans that are easy for experienced DIY homeowners

For those homeowners who are experienced with DIY projects and have had some wood work and crafting experience garage storage cabinet plans can easily include some additions which would add to the ergonomic value of the garage storage cabinet that is being built.

Garage Storage Cabinets

Once a basic cabinet has been built, a homeowner who is well-versed with fabrication, especially wood fabrication, can then customize the garage storage cabinet plans to suit his or her specific storage needs. Some specific storage needs include those which involve creating secure storage spaces for potentially harmful substances such as weed killers and other poisons, which are a health and safety hazard, especially for families which include small children and pets.

Garage Storage Plans Free

Garage storage cabinet plans can factor in these needs and additional storage can be built, or existing storage can be modified to suit the need, depending on the size of the unit. It is easy to find and download garage storage cabinet plans from the Internet and from DIY and storage cabinet building forums, all of which contain different variations in context with design and purpose of the garage storage cabinet plans.

Building Garage Storage Cabinets Plans

Be sure to understand your own needs and choose from a wide range of existing garage storage cabinet plans, and make sure that the one you choose has easy to follow instructions, and that you have the necessary supplies ready to build them.


Garage Storage Ideas DIY for Everyone

For a long time now, garage storage ideas DIY [do-it-yourself] has been a popular means by which garage storage plans have been executed. DIY garage organization is a cost-saving and therefore, budget-friendly means by which to organize ones garage space without compromising on the family budget. While it might be convenient to simply head over to the nearest home organization store and pick up readymade storage units, the fact remains that they are very expensive and often, do not really satisfy storage needs.

DIY Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Thanks to the multitude of enthusiastic DIY believers who post their successful projects on the Internet, the concept of garage storage ideas DIY and the subject of DIY garage organization have become widely discussed, tweaked, and implemented with great results. One of the many benefits of garage storage ideas that are implemented via the DIY method rather than a store bought method, is that it allows for valuable family time and family projects.

Garage Organization Ideas

Garage storage ideas DIY for small elements in the garage area

Among the many types of DIY projects that can be implemented with great ease, storage ideas for the smaller elements in a garage space are the simplest. For younger children in the house who also want to participate in garage storage ideas DIY projects, it is a good idea to involve them with finding household items that are good for storing smaller implements which, if lost, can be very annoying to locate during emergencies.

DIY Garage Shelving Ideas

Old egg cartons are among the more underrated of household items that are thrown away; they can easily be converted into stackable storage units for small bulbs and small, heavy screws, nuts and bolts.

Garage Storage Plans

Old coffee mugs too, can be decorated and used as quick storage units which do not require much building but can be decorated and labeled for fun. Old shoe boxes and medium size cartons can also be cut and designed to form makeshift drawers; plans on how to do this are widely available on the Internet and the project is safe for every age group.

Garage Shelf Ideas

Old lunch boxes and pencil cases too, can be lightly modified or stacked together as storage units. Among the more popular garage storage ideas DIY projects is the “hanging storage” project; this involves fashioning a hanging unit by using a clothes hanger and attaching pockets to it, which can then store a variety of lightweight items. Once done, it is advised to stick on labels to each pocket that will let you know what is inside. Garage storage ideas DIY enthusiasts swear by the efficiency of this useful project!

garage storage ideas DIY

Garage storage ideas DIY for larger elements in the garage area

It can sometimes get quite difficult to manage larger items that are commonly stored in a garage space, and these garage storage ideas DIY are sure to come in handy. A pin board is an ideal place to hang various larger elements that are essential, but tend to become impossible to locate at times.

Garage Storage Ideas

Hammers, screwdrivers, and other items which will not fit in the aforementioned small drawers can be “hung” by means of nails which are hammered into the board. Since the board is then hung on the wall this is one of many garage storage ideas DIY that are space-saving and ergonomic in nature.

Handyman Storage Ideas

A DIY project for larger and heavier implements such as chainsaws and shovels involves using old kitchen cabinets and old large drawers as storage units. Simply cut the interiors and remove any shelves and you have a safe, child-proof and lockable unit for your large and potentially dangerous items. There are a number of other garage storage ideas DIY that can be sourced from the Internet and easily implemented with a little work.

DIY Garage Organization


Garage Overhead Storage Ideas to Help You Get Organized

Garage overhead storage ideas are a useful addition to any garage storage system, and with some simple instructions and the right tools, you can make your own garage storage. DIY overhead garage storage ideas help save money while fulfilling your storage needs, and garage ceiling systems too, will save floor space.

DIY Overhead Garage Storage

It is important to read up on storage design ideas and ideas for garage storage that involve installing or building overhead storage space before deciding over whether to invest money in a professional installment or to simply go with a DIY project. Safety is a key aspect, regardless of which choice is made, and it should always be kept in mind that sturdiness of the beams and fittings installed as part of the implementation of garage overhead storage ideas is important.

Garage Ceiling Systems

Garage overhead storage ideas that are simple and budget-friendly

Garage overhead storage ideas involve taking the storage aspect and placing it above ground, usually near the ceiling so that space is saved on the floor. Some common garage overhead storage ideas involve building a loft space that extends from the middle of the ceiling right to the end of it.

garage overhead storage ideas

This loft space can easily become a DIY project for those who have a little experience with tools and wood/metal work. All that needs to be done is to install a platform that is supported by metal wall brackets that will support the weight of the items that will be stored. Adding doors or closing off the loft space is optional, and dependent on the nature of the items that are being stored.

Garage Storage Ideas Pictures

Usually if one is storing items such as surfboards and shovels in the space, it will not be necessary. Other common garage storage ideas elect to use the space that is located right above the garage door. This is because the idea involves making use of the blank space that is above the roof of an average motor vehicle once it is parked inside.

Home Depot Overhead Garage Storage

Many DIY experts have executed successful garage overhead storage ideas that involve installing a pulley system which supports kayaks and other heavy items that then lie above the vehicle without interfering with the space occupied by it.

Ideas for Garage Storage

Garage overhead storage ideas that involve storage of small items

Although commonly implemented garage overhead storage ideas involve the storage of large items and vehicles, namely kayaks and bicycles, sometimes even motorcycles, it is equally common to find garage overhead storage ideas that will help you in storing smaller items. The idea is to store all small items in large PVC storage bins, and to then slide the storage bins through two beams which will then support them, much in the manner of a sliding door mechanism.

Make Your Own Garage Storage

The beam and pulley system can also be used in order to store and retrieve small items that are required frequently. These garage overhead storage ideas are especially beneficial to those homeowners that have small children living at home. By storing all flammable, poisonous or otherwise child-unfriendly items in a single large bin which is then hoisted up via a pulley system, and brought down easily, you are not only creating convenient storage space, but are increasing the safety quotient of your home and garage.

Storage Design Ideas

Garage overhead storage ideas suit a wide range of budgets and storage needs, and for those who would rather just use a store bought overhead garage storage system, there is a wide range of solutions available to suit your needs. However for the thrifty and creative homeowner who would like to execute garage overhead storage ideas for their storage solutions, there is a wide range of ideas out there for you to tweak and execute.

DIY Overhead Garage Storage Ideas


When Should You Use a Garage Loft Storage

Garage loft storage is an integral aspect of garage lofts, and is a valuable addition to your existing garage storage needs. Apart from being beneficial due to the fact that loft plans are above ground and therefore save valuable floor space, garage loft storage ideas can go a long way in contributing to your garage and home organization.

Build Garage Storage Loft

It is therefore important that you peruse the existing garage storage loft pictures that are easily available on the internet, and build garage storage loft space in your garage at the earliest. For some homeowners, it is additionally important that they invest in garage loft storage. The reasons for some requiring garage loft storage more than others will be explored in detail in this article, and by the end of it, you will be able to assess as to whether or not building your own garage loft storage space is necessary or not.

Garage Loft Shelf

Garage loft storage saves valuable space in your garage

One of the primary benefits of garage loft storage lies in its ability to save valuable space, namely floor space. This makes garage loft space especially valuable to those homeowners who have a lot of items to store, especially large and cumbersome items. Among these items are things which are only required to be kept out seasonally, i.e. a few months in a year and not everyday.

Garage Loft Storage Design

An example of this would be snow shovels, sailing boats, and surfboards. What tends to happen when these items are not used due to inappropriate weather is that they inevitably land up being dumped on the floor, and take up space. This not only hinders movement in the garage, but can also cause damage to the items themselves.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

If you are a homeowner with this problem, garage loft storage is for you. Overhead storage for large items will help you do more work within your garage space, and un-required items will have a longer life span. You will also be more organized since you have the option to store away things that you need on an infrequent basis and can further add efficiency to your storage by color coding or labeling your storage containers and units.

garage loft storage

Garage loft storage adds safety and security to your home and items

Garage loft storage also adds an element of safety and security to your home, and if you are a homeowner with house pets and small children in the house, you might want to install garage loft storage solutions immediately. Since loft storage is restricted to the ceiling area, it not only leaves the floor free, but can also double up as a “safe” of sorts for items that are potentially harmful.

Garage Lofts

Some commonly stored items in a garage are serious health and safety hazards, especially for children and house pets. These items include but are not restricted to sharp implements such as chainsaws and axes, poisonous liquids and flammable items such as gasoline.

Garage Storage Loft Pictures

If one were to child and animal-proof the house and garage by creating safe storage spaces, garage loft storage is an ideal solution. If you have a lot of hobbies or are a collector of artifacts and items, garage loft storage is a great way to continue your activities in an organized manner without littering or crowding your house and garage.

Storage Building with Loft

With everything stored at a reasonable height, away from harmful elements, it is certain that the building and implementation of garage loft storage will change your life for the better and add much comfort and convenience to your living space. Look up the various options that are available in context with purchasing garage loft storage solutions, or look at DIY projects that will enable you to build your own storage at budget-friendly prices.

Storage Loft Plans