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Barn door designs add an earthy, farm like feel to a space, and are also practical due to their sliding nature. An average barn door is similar to a sliding door, which means it will slide open rather than open in an outward direction. From conventional designs to more modern renditions of this classy and useful style, there is a wide plethora of barn door design ideas and plenty of barn door designs pictures available to look at and be inspired from. Barn doors are fun and can turn into a fulfilling DIY or do-it-yourself project for the entire family, and will come in handy for those who are interested in turning their creative barn door ideas into an integral part of their homes.

Barn Door Design Ideas

Why do-it-yourself barn door designs are so much fun and economical too

Let us face the facts; a professionally executed job is no doubt, flawless and in possession of a solid, durable finish. However, a do-it-yourself project is special. Be it a child’s art project or a series of cheerfully painted barn door designs, there is something unique and endearing about do-it-yourself barn door designs over crisp, but staid professional work.

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Why bother investing such a lot of time and money into hiring a professional service provider when you could very well save over two thirds of your investment by purchasing your own supplies and taking on the task of designing and painting yourself? Involve the family, especially the kids, and turn your barn door into a treasure trove of precious memories and team work. From pretty hand prints which feature the painted palms of everyone in the family, to interesting patterns, perhaps one pattern per family member. The end result should be interesting, and it is not important to aim for a perfect finish either. What you are essentially doing by turning your barn door designs into a do-it-yourself project, is bringing out your inner artist.

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Do it yourself barn door designs can be ergonomic as well as colorful

At the end of the day, whether barn door designs are custom-painted or a professionally executed job, a barn door is an essential component to the house; its purpose is the same as a regular door, i.e. it separates one room from another and provides privacy to room occupants. Adding ergonomic elements to a barn door is part of the do-it-yourself aspect of barn door designs and these tips shared here should help you decide as to which elements will benefit your own barn door project the best.

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A regular door often has elements to it such as hanging elements, i.e. hooks and nails. These hooks and nails allow for clothes, neckties and other accessories to be hung behind the door. Sometimes an organized home owner will even stick a board on the door which contains to-do lists, emergency numbers and other important details. This ability for a door to double up as an emergency reference source is important and could even come in handy during emergencies.

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Consider printing out a list of emergency numbers and other information and sticking it on the door. Now you and your family have a way to quickly refer to numbers and information in times of crisis! Sticking the list onto your barn door will take away the need to hammer a nail into the door as well; you can simply use double-sided tape or blue tack. For those who do want that classic element to their barn door designs, hammer away and add your own hat, coat and jacket hanger to your barn door and enjoy its improved ergonomic value.


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