Bathroom cabinet designs for all bathroom sizes

The bathroom cabinet designs depend greatly upon the size of the bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, you can afford to have a number of cabinets in the bathroom and place them at different parts of the bathroom. If you have a mid-sized bathroom, you have to settle for a lower number of cabinets. However if you have a small bathroom, you may just have enough room for one cabinet. Bathroom cabinets are essential parts of a bathroom and they serve multiple purposes. From working as a storage compartment to making the bathroom look beautiful, these cabinets are indeed useful. Read on to know all about the bathroom cabinet designs.

Bathroom cabinet designs in accordance with bathroom sizes

  1. Large bathroom – If you have a large bathroom, you can do a lot with your cabinet design plan. You can place a number of these cabinets in various parts of the bathroom. For example, you can have one or two cabinets under the sink. Then, you can wall mount a cabinet and use it as a medicine chest. Then, you can have a longish cabinet in another corner of the bathroom and use it to store your towels, linen, etc. So as you can see, a larger bathroom makes room for a larger number of cabinets.
  2. Mid-sized bathroom – If your bathroom is neither too big nor too small, you can install a few cabinets in there. You can have one under the sink and wall mount another one. If there still is space for more, place a cabinet near the shower to store the towels and toiletries.
  3. Small bathroom – If your bathroom is small, you may or may not have space for a cabinet. However, with some intelligent planning, you can surely accommodate at least one cabinet in the bathroom. The best place to install the cabinet is right below the sin. That area is best utilized with a cabinet. Alternatively, you could also mount the cabinet on the wall must above the sink. Place a mirror on the cabinet and give it a dual function.Bathroom cabinet designs
    Bathroom cabinet designs
    Bathroom cabinet designsBathroom cabinets should be designed in such a manner that they last for a long time. Choose the material wisely. If you live in a very humid area, it would be better to have a graphite cabinet than a wooden one as the latter can get rotten with the moisture. Then, the cabinets should be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure they remain hygiene. Also use disinfectants regularly to keep pests away. If you want to decorate your bathroom using the cabinets, you can look for cabinets in pretty designs. Some cabinets have drawings on then while others are available in vibrant colors. You yourself can design the cabinet and have it decorated in a way you like. This will make the cabinet both useful and beautiful. So go on and get some lovely bathroom cabinets. Find the most attractive bathroom cabinet designs and make your bathroom a stunningly beautiful place.

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