Beautiful bathroom designs on a budget

Who said you could not find bathroom designs on a budget? Bathroom designs are available in a huge variety and so no matter how big or small your budget is, you will be able to find a suitable design. If you, for some reason, cannot find a readymade design to suit your pocket, you can always make the design plan yourself. Yes, you read that right! It is very simple to come up with a bathroom design plan if you know what to include in the plan. Listed below are some of the most important features that every bathroom design plan must have. Take a look.

Points to be included in plans for bathroom designs on a budget

  1. The budget – As the title says, you are looking for a design plan while working on a budget. So at the very outset, clearly mention the amount of money you have for the project. Once you say it out loud, it becomes easier for you as well as the people assisting you in the project to work. So mention the budget and only then proceed with the rest of the design plan.
  2. Number of fixtures – The number of fixtures you will have in the bathroom will greatly affect the budget. So always keep this point in mind while drawing up the design plan. If you stick to the basics – a toilet, a sink and a tub, you will be able to wrap it up in a lower budget. However, if you want more number of fixtures such a vanities, mirrors, cabinets, chairs, etc, you will have to spend more money. So depending upon the amount of money you have designated to this project, buy the fixtures.
  3. Type of fixtures – A bathroom can be ultra fancy or it can be super simple. So if you are working on a budget, you may not be able to get the most fancy bathroom fittings from the most famous brands. But do not lose heart. This does not mean that your bathroom won’t look good. You simply have to know what to buy and from where. You can get beautiful replicas of expensive bathroom accessories. Then, you can visit a factory outlet and see what they have on discount. You can also check out garage sales. If you are lucky, you may just end up with some great used bathroom accessories in good condition.

bathroom designs on a budget
bathroom designs on a budget
bathroom designs on a budget

Having a plan always helps when building a bathroom and more so when you are trying to stick to a tight budget. We often tend to overspend when we do not know what exactly we need and want. So a design plan comes in handy. You note down all the requirements beforehand, do your research and then set out to get the equipment. This helps you stay within your budget. So now that you know all about it, go on and look at some good bathroom designs on a budget and build your perfect bathroom.

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