Bring about an Asian feel to your bathroom design

If relaxation is your ultimate bathroom experience, than an Asian bathroom design is just the thing to bring about that experience. Asian décor is minimalistic and relaxing. It has a rare sophistication which does not devoid itself of its traditional aspects. In fact, their tradition in itself has been so immersed in sophistication, that they have perfected the art of blending the two for their home décor. While replicating every aspect of an Asian bathroom might seem a bit odd, there are certain elements, which, when added to the bathroom, gives it a urbane, Asian feel.

asian bathroom design

Asian bathroom design should start off with keeping a minimalistic approach. Asian décor is not cluttered and congested. It is sparse and airy. It exudes a feeling of minimalism without making it look barren and empty. The bathroom should be made up of earthy tones. A lot of solid wood, and earth toned walls are ideal for an Asian bathroom design. It should look modern, without alienating the elements of nature from it. Brown, beige and white are the colours one should stick with. Moss-green is also a good option and if you want to include wallpapers, include one with soft, earthy tones. Cherry blossom wallpaper would fit in perfectly with the décor.

With an Asian Bathroom design, one must make sure of the fact that the fittings in the bathroom are not too elaborate. The toilet, the bathing section as well as the sink should be sleek and uncomplicated as possible. Sinks shaped like bowls are a very good idea for this nature of décor because it goes perfectly well with the traditional Asian feel while emitting a very modern feel. The other fittings should also be sleek and minimal in their appearance.

asian bathroom design1

The lighting is a very important aspect and is the really tricky bit in this case. Asian lighting is dim and relaxing. So, in case of an Asian bathroom design, the lighting needs to be dim without making the room look dark and depressing. Paper mache lanterns are a good idea, as are similar table lamps. They should be fitted with low-light bulbs to emit a soft glow, which will immediately have a relaxing effect on anyone who enters the bathroom.

asian bathroom design2

Decorating the bathroom with Asian elements is a good way of realizing the design. Nature is a very important part of Asian culture, and they are always very connected to natural elements. Stones and greenery are some very common symbolic elements included in their décor. Keeping a huge glass bowl filled with big, smooth stones in a corner of the tub is a good idea, and if you have the space for it, keep a bamboo plant in a corner of the bathroom. One can also opt for a bonsai, which can be kept beside the sink. If the bathroom is painted in earthen colours, then a shower curtain with cherry blossom print can add a splash of colour to it without making it lose its Asian feel. An oriental frame for the mirror can also add very well to the décor.

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