Bring an Italian feel to you bathroom design

Italy is a country of decadence, love, vibrancy and warmth and these are the characteristics which should play up in an Italian bathroom design. Italy has always been known for its artistic excellence, its finely tuned taste of sophistication and its love for art, culture and life in general. Italians have, over the centuries, mastered the art of adding beauty to their lives without going overboard with it. They make decadence look suave, and they manage to prevent it from looking forced or glaring in any way. Their style is echoed in their architecture and their interior designs, and an Italian bathroom design is the right way to go, in order to celebrate their brilliant, vibrant, sonorous culture.

Italian bathroom design

Any bathroom which is inspired by Italian interiors must have adequate space in them. Spacious living is something which the Italians are known for, and the space provides the bathroom with an airy, relaxing feeling. The space, instead of looking barren and alienating, however, is made to look vibrant, warm and welcoming, and a bathroom which looks like that must be a delight to walk into, at any hour of the day or night! Italian interiors are also pronounced for their use of rich colours and hues. For the best kind of Italian bathroom design, using warm shades of red, rust, golden, yellow, beige and brown are good ideas. These colours reflect the Italian colour palate very closely.

Italian bathroom design1

While deciding on the walls and floors of an Italian bathroom design, it is safe to play with textures, which add more character to the room. However, these textures too, must reflect Italian culture and style in some way or the other. In keeping with the Italian characteristics, the floors can be tiled with natural stone tiles. These have their own texture, and natural stone is something which is used quite often in Italian interiors. Marble is also a very good option, and it adds a lot of sophistication to the bathroom. The Italian bathroom design can also include hardwood floors, although they are harder to maintain. Textures can be added to the walls as well, and apart from plaster, using terra cotta is also a very good idea for an Italian-inspired bathroom. Stucco walls are also advisable.

Italian bathroom design2

An Italian bathroom design is miles away in character from a steel and chrome modern day design. Using ornate brass fittings around the bathroom for door knobs, shower fittings and taps is a very good idea, since it is sophisticated and it comes with an old-world charm too. Since arches seem to be a distinctive feature of Italian architecture, adding an arch to the shower area might be a very innovative idea, and might help make the bathroom look very unique from the other, more ordinary ones.

Other ornamental touches can also be added in the form of wrought iron fittings. Installing a small fountain may feel a little too luxurious, but it adds a very distinct feel to the bathroom. The Italian influence will be established without a doubt. Throwing in a few pieces of pottery also helps. A big pot can help become the base of a small table to keep toiletries on. These small but significant additions will definitely add more value to the Italian bathroom design.


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