Modern Kids Room Design Celebrating Your Kid’s Childhood

If you are a father, taking about the kids room design is not as an embarrassing one. Your beloved kids should get the best affection from their parents. One of the affection from the parents is giving a good facility for them so that they can enjoy their childhood with funny. I have some pictures that describe some kids’ bedroom that become favorite today.

Kids Room Design for Boy

Here, I have some pictures about the boys’ room and girls’ room. Firstly let’s talk about the boy. The boys more like animal or superhero become their room theme. For example the blue boy bedroom which has wooden floating bunk. Large corner window give the natural lighting from sun at the day. A bay sofa lie near the window is a perfect place to enjoy outside view. Another great boy kids room design ideas is the floating pirate ship bedroom. With ocean bedroom theme, the bunk is floating on ceiling and need a rope bridge to reach the bed. Rustic camping sense can also applied inside the boy room by adding a tent with other camping furniture inside the bedroom.

Playful Kids Room Design Glass Mini Dining Table Set Blackboard Wall Soft Blue Kids Room Design With Tree L Shape Bunk Stylish Kids Room Design Ceiling Bed White Wall Interior

Kids Room Design for Girl

Actually, there are not too many differences between boys’ room and girls’ room. For example is in a girl bedroom with hammock. Small bedroom space becomes an advantage with clever decorating. Another example is in the futuristic kids’ bedroom with loft bunk. It can be designed for girl and also boy. Large wall closet ideas spend the space not too much. Red accent in puff and learning chair make this room looks elegant.
You can also put small dining table with chairs in kid bedroom. It can make the bedroom looks compact and stylish. Coloring kid room wall is also important in designing kid bedroom. Of course the kids love a bright and attractive one. If you want more clear explanation you can check kids room design ideas photos at the link I attached below.

Marvelous Magical Kids Bedroom: Make Their Dreams Comes True

Have holiday in magical kids bedroom is like play in the playground in some friend’s place. For kids and teenagers, bedroom is a very important place to be. It is where they will spend their bed time and most of their playing time. This room is very suitable for any age. The bed is specially ordered to make the storage easy and in the same time gives the luxury for the kids.

Magical Kids Bedroom to Explore Their Creative Side

The magical kids bedroom decorated is quite simple but meaningful. It reflects the needed of a kid for playing and in the same time give room for them to keep up their positive creativity. Like in this photo, instead of having clear wall, why don’t you give the room the touch of huge chalk board which stretched from side to side to replace the wall? There you can give your kid the place to enhance their creativity and in the same time color up their room.

Custom Made Modern Kids Bedroom Furniture Green Themed Kids Bedroom Pirate Inspired Kids Bedroom

Multiple Magical Kids Bedroom

If you have more than one child in the house and have difficulties to gather them around in the room, do not worry since the mesmerizing bedroom ideas also came for the multiple beds room. Have bunk bed is very suitable for this condition. The bunk bed can be side by side or can be leveled. Each can have personalized items and place them under the bed since there are drawer below the beds.

To have kid bedroom actually is very tricky. You have to consider the gender, age, interest which will make them space to explore themselves while in the same time teach them to be organized and maintain their own stuff. What important is the place should be very comfortable for the kid itself. You can see in the photos below, from themed bedroom to colorful bedroom come from magical kids bedroom ideas which going to mesmerize you.