Stunning Tree House Design Completed with the Unique Idea

Tree house design is the dream of every kid in the world. It has the interesting design that is going to make the children feel so attracted in using the tree house design idea. I feel so interested in seeing the beautiful and stunning design of the tree house design idea. The Tree House Design comes with the various designs in order to make the children can choose the most suitable design of the tree house design idea.

Wooden Materials of the Tree House Design

The tree house is designed on the top of the other house design. It s stacked with the tree. In making the tree house design, the thing that must be considered is the tree design that is going to be the holder of the tree house design idea. This Kids Tree House Design is designed using the wooden materials. The wooden materials of this tree house design are coming from the high quality materials. It is going to make the tree house design has the great durability. The great durability is also brings the extra safety especially for the children who use this house as the play ground.

Look Out Tower For A Treehouse Treehouse Made From Salt Treated Lumber Two Tree Treehouse Design

Colorful Idea of the Tree House Design

The color of the tree house design is also be customized according to the imagination of the owner of the tree house design idea. The colorful design of the tree house idea is very suitable for the children who need to get the unique design of the tree house idea. Besides that, the dimension of the tree house design is also can be suited according to the dimension of the tree in holding the house design idea.
Amazing design of the tree house idea is also completed with the window design that has the function as the air circulation place in this tree house design idea. It also can be the brightening interior design because of the sunlight that can pass through this window design idea from the Simple Tree House Design.

Wonderful Wooden House in Rural Area of Italian

Do you ever visit the wooden house of Casa Pre de Sura? This house was beautifully design by Casati Austrian architectural firm. Casati has completely created the Casa Pre de Sura in 2010. This contemporary wooden house is established in the scenic rural areas of San Martino in Badia, Italy.

Wooden House and Limestone Partition

Here I have some pictures of wooden house design Casa Pre de Sura by Casati.

This gabled house in Italy by Austrian architects Casati has stripy wooden partitions on the out-of-doors and bumpy limestone partitions on the interior. The layout of this house is really unique. The concept to unite with nature can be seen from the ground layer that follows the geographical contour of the area. The leveled ground not limits the house but makes the house more unique. With the front side in the lower ground and the backside in the higher create this house half two stories and half one stories house. Boxy windows task from the facade and border views in the direction of the Castello di San Martino.

Modern Range Hood Contemporary Wooden House Electric Stove Natural Stone Wall Ball Pendant Lamp Contemporary Wooden House Peaceful Greenery Contemporary Wooden House Green Courtyard Glas S Bay Window

The minimalist furniture and also appliances makes this house simpler but still show art and sophistication. A small castle on a close by hillside can be seen from the house. With abundance of glass windows create more light and also warm enter the house. You also can use this design to reduce electrical consumption from electrical light. A window in the master bedroom wraps over up on the top covering. This will create fresher atmosphere when they wake up in the morning. While other ones meet the floor so that small young kids can see out.

Wooden House in the Leveled Contour

The limestone aggregate partitions surround rooms and hallways on each of the three floors. This design can help absorbing moisture from the air that can cool the house during warmer months. This construction presents an exclusive conceive solutions which help to make attachment with the surrounding landscape. The wooden house plans like this is very unique and you also can use it to handle the contour of the ground that not flat and leveled.