Consider the attic in your bathroom designs!

We often pay no heed to rooms such as the attic, but maybe some attic bathroom designs are just the thing to help consider the attic for other purposes which are not related to storage. The attics in our houses usually get neglected. We often fail to notice the potential of innovation which this part of our house has, and for people who love and appreciate unconventional bathrooms, having one in the attic is just the right solution to give both the house and the bathroom more character.

Attic bathroom designs are coming up, as more and more people are realizing the architectural and aesthetic potential of having a bathroom up in the attic. One of the most neglected parts of the houses is being considered as being a space of immense potential and charm. Attic bathrooms are usually cozy, comfortable and alluring. It adds a certain charm to the bathroom which normal bathrooms in the main frame of the house do not. With the bathroom moved up to the attic, the houses also get additions space inside, and the space conventionally to be used as a bathroom can be used for other ends and purposes.

attic bathroom design

Attic bathroom designs have a certain rustic charm to it, which cannot be replicated by the run of the mill bathrooms in the house. The sloping roof of the attic, and the exposed beams add a certain quaintness to the attic which is very unique in nature. The attic often has very limited amount of space, and therefore, the bathrooms built up on the attic need to be designed so as to address the space constraints. In order to make a small attic bathroom look larger, the attic bathroom designs can include a skylight on the sloping roof of the bathroom. This helps bring in a lot of natural light during the daytime, and the exposed area also helps create the illusion of extra space. The attic can be painted white, leaving the exposed beams as they are, in order to make the room look more airy.

attic bathroom designs1

Bathrooms up on the attic add a lot of character not just to the room in question, but also to the whole house. Many people choose unconventional bathroom designs, but few people decide on moving the bathroom space altogether. That, combined with the fact that the conversion of the attic from storage space to an alluring bathroom makes the room much more unique than the bathrooms in most other houses.

attic bathroom designs2

With regards to attic bathroom designs, however, certain facts need to be kept in mind. For one, most attics are not built so as to accommodate a bathroom in it. Unless you are building a house from scratch and are accounting for the attic as a bathroom, you will find that plumbing will be a major technical hindrance towards the realization of the attic bathroom designs. Such major plumbing changes can take time, and will be expensive, but on the positive side, the house, after these alternations, will immediately become a very unique one, and will therefore go up in value. So stop looking at the attic as wasted space, and start deciding on the best way to ensure that you have a leisurely bath there.

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