Custom bathroom design – Advantages and disadvantages

If you are looking for a custom bathroom design, you must be wondering if there are any disadvantages of such a design. Well, while a custom made bathroom has many advantages, it has a few drawbacks as well. So before you finalize on any such design, educate yourself about these very advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure about either, read on to know all about them. After that, you will be in a better position to decide whether or not you want to go for a customized bathroom.

Advantages of a custom bathroom design

Let us begin with the advantages of a customized bathroom.

  1. Unique – A customized bathroom design will surely be unique and different from all the other bathrooms in the neighborhood houses. So if you want something different and unusual, you can surely opt for these customized designs for your bathroom.
  2. As per preferences – When you are customizing your bathroom, you can pay closer attention to your own preferences. This means that you do not have to stick to the set designs and if you want the toilet to be smaller and the shower to be larger, you may be able to get them in those sizes. This is a major advantage of having your bathroom design customized.
  3. Color and design – When you opt to have your bathroom customized, you also have the option of choosing your own color and design scheme. This makes the bathroom look just like you wanted it to always look.

custom bathroom design
custom bathroom design
custom bathroom design

Disadvantages of a custom bathroom design

Now let us take a look at the disadvantages of a customized bathroom.

  1. Faulty design – It can be a major problem if the design is not technically sound. If you have a faulty design, you will have drainage problems which will lead to your bathroom being clogged and therefore unhygienic. This is a common problem with customized designs as if the designer is not a professional, he or she may end up making some vital mistakes.
  2. Expensive – A customized bathroom design often proves to be more expensive than a regular design. This is because the custom made bathroom fixtures and accessories are very expensive and difficult to find as well. Then, you have to pay the designer his fees as well. This pushes up the costs and you end up with a bigger hole in your pocket.
  3. More time consuming – A custom made bathroom takes longer to build because of its unusual designs. A traditional bathroom can be built at a much quicker pace and so you need to keep the time factor in mind at all times.

Now that you know the basic merits and demerits of a customized bathroom design plan, you can decide whether you want to have a custom made bathroom or not. Once you have made your decision, go ahead and look for the lovely designs. If you find the perfect one, the custom bathroom design can help you in building a beautiful bathroom in your house.

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