Defy the test of time and situations by applying a universal design to your bathroom

A universal design bathroom is the best way to go in order to account for different situations, age groups as well as disabilities. Bathrooms with such designs were a rarity a few years ago. Most bathrooms tend to follow designs which keep only immediate concerns in mind. This leads to an upheaval when the situation changes. On account of a child entering the household, separate provisions have to be made for the bathroom to be safe enough for use for the child. Similarly, when aged people or disabled people need to use the bathroom, it causes discomfort and worry. A universal design keeps in mind all of these limitations, and makes adjustments accordingly.

universal design bathroom

With a universal  design bathroom, one does not have to make additions for specific situations. When old and feeble members of the family decide to use the bathroom, one does not always have to be petrified about being vigilant about them. Similarly, when toddlers decide to go to the bathroom by themselves, there are very few risks involved, as opposed to the run of the mill, generic bathroom designs. The floors in the universal bathroom design are made water-resistant and have enough traction to prevent slipping on them. They are chosen to be textured, and to retain some friction which is necessary. At the same time, they are chosen with just the right amount of texture so as to not impede the movement of wheelchairs on them.

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The bathtubs or the shower areas too, are made with adequate texturing, and they are provided with grab-bars at the right lengths to prevent accidents from happening. Everything in the universal design bathroom is made, essentially, universal. It is designed to not be specific to particular genders, ages or disabilities. They are cleverly provided with just the right fittings so as to be used universally, by everyone.

universal design bathroom2

The universal design bathroom is being opted for by many people nowadays, who are looking for a more permanent design, rather than an immediate one. The universal design is versatile, and its versatility is what is making it increasingly popular amongst people. Because the universal design bathroom is made to accommodate people of all ages, genders and disabilities, it is made up of very durable materials, and because of its universal nature, apart from minor touch ups after years, it does not require any major design alternations. Therefore, it is a very long-lasting investment in the part of the people opting for these bathrooms. They need only get it made once, and it shall last them for many, many years to come. This aspect of the bathroom has made it even more favorable to people. The design employs the best of materials and it takes into account all kinds of situations. Not only is it of brilliant quality, one does not have to be too bothered about others using it, and how comfortable it will be.

The universal design is not only practical, it is also made to look good. The look and the feel of the bathroom is one of comfort and relaxation for all kinds of people.

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