Doorless bathroom designs are a new trend

Doorless bathroom designs are fast catching on as a new trend in home decor because of predominantly – the problem of lack of space. Doorless bathroom designs have found popularity because houses are becoming smaller as the days go by, and even though a bathroom is universally thought of as a closed space where one can enjoy private time, the concepts of interior decor are changing, and with it, bathroom designs.

doorless bathroom designs

However, one does not have to raise an eyebrow in disbelief at the concept of doorless bathroom designs. One must realize that there are obviously other alternatives to a door and one has to be creative when thinking about them, that is all. Doorless bathroom designs are an effort to conserve space because a wooden door will take up valuable interior space and that will only serve to make the house look smaller than it actually is. Therefore, think of the alternatives.

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A great alternative and a popular choice for doorless bathroom designs are roller blinds – the kinds you use for windows generally. There is no need, with roller blinds, for the space a door swing area would take up – you would simply have a lever to operate it with. You would need to pull the lever to “open” or “close” the door by rolling it up or down. A sliding door is another way to save space but a roller blind door is more effective and far less expensive to install. Make sure that your blinds are of good quality of course, and can withstand being splashed by water and humidity etc.

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The next option in the list of doorless bathroom designs is to install a bamboo screen in place of a door. This would also work as well as the roller blind design, only this would be a more eco friendly and durable as well. Bamboo weaves look really good and one can easily buy them – they are not too expensive either. This will lend a tropical look to your bathroom as well and doorless bathroom designs frequently include reeds and bamboo into their concepts. You can also buy bamboo blinds or roller blinds which are made of plastic, they are even cheaper and are extremely durable given that they do not wear away with daily use. However, this is not a very eco friendly option, as is obvious.

Doorless bathroom designs are very common in France and it is obvious that the French have realized it’s efficacy. This design makes a bathroom look wider and larger and more spacious for sure and ideally, should be incorporated with creative designs which ensure that your modesty is preserved and your bath water does not splash all over the place. For this purpose, a half screen can be placed where the bathroom door is supposed to be and this can also be placed in front of the shower stall – because more often than not, that is doorless too and shower water can splash all over the vanity or bathroom dresser.

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