Doorless bathroom designs for you

Doorless bathroom designs have become very popular off late. We often find doorless bathrooms in houses and also in some hotels. These bathrooms are usually the master bathrooms of the house and are connected to the master bedrooms. If you are looking for some innovative bathroom ideas, you can take a look at the door less bathroom design ideas. There are a few things however that you need to keep in mind when building such a bathroom in the house. Privacy is a major factor and so is the utilization of space. Read on to know how you can build the perfect door less bathroom.

Points to remember when looking for doorless bathroom designs

  • Privacy – This is the biggest and most important factor to remember when looking to install a door less bathroom in the house. How much privacy do you have? Who do you share the house with? If you are comfortable knowing that your privacy will be maintained even if you do not have a door for your bathroom and can take a shower in peace without worrying that someone will walk in, go for such a design. If however you are not sure that this will happen and you would have to constantly worry about people walking in on you when you are in the bathroom, you may want to look at other bathroom designs. So surely keep the privacy factor in mind at all times.
  • Space – People often build a door less bathroom to save space. If you have some extra space in your bedroom that you do not quite use, you can build a bathroom there. It would be good idea to have a door less bathroom in such a place as the bathroom would be an extension of the bedroom itself. That would help you in utilizing the space beautifully and you would end up with a bathroom in your bedroom.
  • Proper design – The door less bathroom has to be designed properly to ensure that no water or smell leaves the bathroom and gets into the adjacent areas. Since a bathroom door greatly protects the adjacent areas from the water and the smell, you need proper drainage and ventilation facilities in a door less bathroom. For this you need a solid design plan. So do not rely on a novice for such a job – consult a professional designer who can not only make a beautiful looking door less bathroom for you, but can also make one that will be technically sound.

Doorless bathroom designs
Doorless bathroom designs1
Doorless bathroom designs

If you keep the above mentioned points in mind and adhere to them, you can quite easily build up a beautiful door less bathroom in your own house. A door less bathroom is ideal for a person who lives alone as it gives you a lot of space to relax. So go ahead and look at pictures and get a better idea of the door less bathrooms. Once that is done, look for the best doorless bathroom designs and get yourself a lovely bathroom.

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