Enhance your small bathroom with the right tile designs

Small bathrooms are tricky to decorate, and for a small bathroom tile designs are as important as anything else. Tiles are the best option for bathrooms. They are exactly suited to the requirements which bathrooms and even kitchens have. There are various kinds of tile materials to opt from, and there are various tile designs to choose from. Each of these designs create a different ambience in the bathroom, and with the wide variety of tiles available in the market today, with a wide price range, one is sure to find just the right tiles for the perfect bathroom.

Small bathrooms need to use light, pale colours as much as possible. Darker colours make these bathrooms look smaller in size, while the lighter colours give out an airier, more spacious feel. The small bathroom tile designs need to be along the lines of a lighter colour palette. The colours all over the bathroom need not be the same, and some darker coloured tiles can be used throughout the design in order to add contrast to the shades, but the overall colour-scheme of the tiles need to be light. Lighter colours also add a lot of brightness to the room. The lighting in the bathroom will enhance the brightness of the room, thereby drawing attention from the fact that the bathroom is small.

small bathroom tile designs

There are various materials and textures which one can use while choosing small bathroom tile designs. There is no reason why the whole bathroom cannot be made out of tiles. These tiles, whether chosen for big bathrooms or small, should essentially be water-resistant and easy to clean. For small bathrooms, the tiles on the floor can be of different texture than the tiles on the walls. The sizes too, can differ, in order toad variety and character to the bathroom. Small bathroom tile designs should pay close attention to the kind of tiles which are being used. Using terra cotta or ceramic tiles might work, as will tiles made out of natural stone.

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Tiles are of many sizes and shapes, but for small bathrooms, big tiles are something one should keep away from. While they may look good in the stores, in a small space, laying out big tiles might end up making the room look smaller and clumsy. Big tiles have the effect of making small rooms look even smaller. Ideally, for the purpose of maintenance as well as aesthetics, medium sized tiles should be used for the flooring. In order to add variety, a smaller size of tiles can be used for the walls, but too much of the small tiling makes the d├ęcor look clumsy, unless they are placed judicially and carefully.


Small bathroom tile designs need to be well thought out and well executed. Tiles are the best options for bathrooms, but laying out generic tiles in a small bathroom can make the whole design awkward and clumsy to the eye. However, if laid out the right way, small bathroom tile designs can transform the small space and make it look inviting and chic.

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