Fascinating Luxurious Hotel in Maldives

Visiting the luxurious hotel of The Viceroy Maldives on Vagaru isle is an unforgettable experience for me. The superb Viceroy Maldives is established on Vagaru isle, in the beautiful tropical Maldives Island. The backdrop for this luxurious hotel is one that supplies utter relaxation and pleasure for its tourists. You also can enjoy the beautiful scenery of white beach and also clear blue water. You can make your holiday more amazing and also memorable.

Luxurious Hotel and Adventure Experience

Here I have some pictures of luxurious hotel interior from The Viceroy Maldives on Vagaru Island. You could agree that this place is a true heaven for the perceptive adventurer. Viceroy Maldives supplies innovative grades of seclusion and luxury set inside a stunning locale. The resort departs no minutia unanswered. With Viceroy’s unparalleled service complementing perfectly conceived elemental interiors and carefully homemade lounge localities.

Maldives Resort Round Rattan Coffee Tables Cushy Morris Chairs Modern Bed Maldives Resort Ethnic Pattern Partition Unique Ceramic Floor Modern Bed Maldives Resort Wall Mounted Headboard Venetian Blind

Five dining venues, encompassing the alluring, Middle Eastern-inspired décor of the interior Treehouse, offer everything from casual beachside cuisine, Pan Asian and European flare to intimate fine dining know-how with a wine cellar and a private chef’s table.

Luxurious Hotel among Palm Tree and Lagoon

Viceroy Maldives is located in Shaviyani Atoll, 192 km (129 miles) from the capital island of Malé and the worldwide aerodrome. On the Maldives’ uncharted northern edge, the resort is established on the personal island of Vagaru, over 17 acres of palm trees and pristine sand encircling an azure lagoon. This place is a real paradise. The access to Vagaru is easily accommodated via seaplane taxi. And only less than an hour’s air travel from the major isle to find luxurious hotel design of Malé.

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