Finding small bathroom designs with shower fittings

Finding small bathroom designs with shower fittings is not very difficult. These days, when houses are becoming smaller and space is a constraint, more and more people are left with no choice but to build a small bathroom. This however does not mean that the bathroom has to be simple and without any decoration. If you find the perfect design plan, you can end up with a small bathroom that is elegant, classy and complete with all the modern fixtures and accessories.

Small bathroom designs with shower fittings

If you are looking to install a shower in a small bathroom, you just need to position the other fittings of the bathroom in an intelligent manner. Read on to know how you can accommodate each of these and also have a shower:

  1. Toilet – A toilet is perhaps the most important component of a bathroom. You cannot have a functional bathroom without a toilet. So make sure you have a toilet installed. If you have a small space, fix the toilet at an angle, in a corner of the bathroom so that there is maximum utilization of space.
  2. Sink – Another major component of a bathroom is the sink – You have to have at least one sink in the bathroom to make it usable. Since your bathroom is small, you need to install a smaller sink. You can place it close to the toilet, as this will save you a lot of space. Do not opt for a very big sink as that will take up all the space in the small bathroom.
  3. Mirror – You can fix a mirror on the wall above the sink. If you want a larger mirror, you can have it fixed on a wall in the bathroom. But ensure that the wall is away from the door or else the mirror might get damaged.
  4. Shower – If you keep the fixtures to a bare minimum, you will have ample space for a shower. Place the shower away from the toilet. You could put up a shower curtain as there may not be space for a separate shower room. The curtain is important as it will ensure the rest of the bathroom stays dry and hygienic even when the shower is in use.
  5. Cabinets – If there is no space for a cabinet, all you have to do is get a wall mounted vanity and place it over the sink. This will save a lot of space and also give you the satisfaction of having a beautiful bathroom vanity in your bathroom.

 small bathroom designs with shower
 small bathroom designs with shower
 small bathroom designs with shower

Along with these fixtures, you can make your small bathroom look pretty by painting the walls in a nice shade, by using some nice upholstery and by placing some plants and flowers in it. These small steps will ensure that your bathroom looks and feels relaxing and comfortable. So get hold of the best small bathroom designs with shower fittings and then combine the tips with the design and you will have a great bathroom!

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