5 Different Garage Ball Storage Ideas

Garage ball storage has, till recently been quite a problem to deal with for the average homeowner. Homemade garage sports ball storage has only recently become popular, as have ball organizers for the garage. The issue of how and where to store ones sports balls, especially when they have various shapes and consistencies, can easily be solved with the help of a few store bought and a few DIY ball storage projects.

Ball Holders for GarageBall Holders for Garage

The last thing any sports enthusiast would want is for their garage to be littered with sports balls, which are then likely to cause unfortunate accidents, or worse, get squashed under the weight of a vehicle.

Ball Organizers for the Garage

These 5 garage ball storage ideas are sure to put an end to any issues pertaining to garage ball storage and will aid you in becoming more organized; not to mention the added benefit of reducing the number of squashed and destroyed sports balls which need immediate replacement!

DIY Ball Storage

Top 3 garage ball storage ideas for small sports balls

One of the most common issues with garage ball storage involves accidental spillage of ball storage containers. This is especially annoying when one is dealing with small, bouncy sports balls such as ping pong balls. An open container is the last thing one would want to go for in this regard and a box is possibly not a good idea. A suitable garage ball storage solution would be a sturdy mesh basket that can either be mounted on the wall with the help of brackets, or can be stored in a cabinet or cupboard depending on the frequency of use.

Garage Ball Rack

It is possible to add a makeshift lid for the basket as well. This basket will be ideal for small and heavy sports balls such as cricket balls, shot put, and billiards balls. For larger sports balls, there are two garage ball storage ideas, one which is common and another which is new and quite exciting as a concept.

Garage Ball Storage Bin

The common ball rack is a wall mount rack for sports balls which have a larger size such as soccer balls, footballs, basketballs and volleyballs. With its sturdy steel tube construction and support with the help of durable bungee cords, this rack can be mounted both vertically and horizontally and will hold up to 6 large sports balls. One of the newest garage ball storage concepts to enter the market is the ball claw. It mimics the action of a hand holding a ball and can be mounted on the wall. Each ball claw holds exactly one ball.

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Homemade Garage Sports Ball Storage

2 common garage storage ideas for sports balls

Storage nets and the common barrel or bucket are ideal for those who have a lot of sports balls in their garage and simply cannot install separate ball storage units in their space. Using storage nets is similar to using fishing nets where all the balls are dumped into the net and the net is then tied and stored in a cupboard or in an overhead space.

Sports Ball Rack for Garage

This is one of many common garage ball storage ideas but it should be noted that it is not the most convenient unless the balls are being stored for a long period of time. Another garage ball storage idea is to use barrels and buckets; they can be used to dump balls of all sizes. This is probably the most common garage storage idea in context with sports ball storage.

Sports Ball Storage Bin

Overall however, do keep in mind your usage of sports balls while implementing garage storage ideas for them; if you use sports balls regularly it would be wise to go with the first three garage storage ideas. If your use is limited to specific months or weeks in the year, the last two options are ideal.


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