5 Unique Garage Ceiling Storage Systems

Garage ceiling storage systems are much in demand these days. This is because of a number of reasons. First and foremost, the ceiling of the garage is usually left unutilized and in today’s day and age when space is such a luxury, it makes a lot of sense to convert the ceiling into a storage area. But how can we stow our things on a mere ceiling? Well, as you have guessed quite correctly, it is logically and practically impossible to hang the things on the ceiling without adequate support systems! The garage ceiling storage systems therefore come in handy as they prove to be perfect storage compartments that anyone can use. Read on to know more.

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The best garage ceiling storage systems

  1. Build lockers on the ceiling – If you can undertake a slightly complicated project, then you can build some lockers on the ceiling. You will have to attach the lockers on the top. You have to be very wise and careful as in such a case you will be working against gravity. So what you have to do is make the lockers deep inside, but have a very narrow opening. So when they are ready, you can simply shove the things inside and close the door quickly. It is best to have a flat bottom with the opening somewhere in the middle. This way you can push the items to the sides and keep them there till you need them again.Garage Storage From Ceiling

  2. Shelves on the ceiling – This is a simpler and a more practical thing to do. Shelves work as great garage overhead storage compartments. You can use the ceiling to hang some racks and shelves. You can then use the base of the shelf to store your things on. Suspend the shelves from the ceiling and use the bottom rack to store the items on.Garage Overhead Storage

  3. Bicycle hooks – If you want to park your bicycle in the garage, but cannot accommodate it, you can use the ceiling for this purpose. All you have to do is install some sturdy, large looks from the ceiling of the garage and use these hooks to hang your bike. The bike can be hung on the hooks by either one or both the wheels. It will keep the bike off the floor and will give you enough space to move around.Garage Overhead Storage Solutions

  4. Ladder storage brackets – This is one of the easiest and the most intelligent garage ceiling storage systems. Here, what you have to do is get two similar sized brackets and screw them to the ceiling. Then, you can place the ladder horizontally on the brackets. Before you do this, measure the length of the ladder and place the brackets away from each other accordingly. This will save a lot of space and will also prove to be a very inexpensive garage overhead storage solution.garage ceiling storage systems

  5. Hanging empty bags from the ceiling – If you have some light items such as old clothes, shoes, etc that you want to store, you can hang them in bags from the garage ceiling. Since these bags won’t take up much space and won’t be very heavy, you can use small hooks for them. Place these hooks around the bicycle hooks and the ladder brackets.Garage Ceiling Storage Systems Lowe's

Installing the wonderful garage ceiling storage systems

Now that you know more about these very handy garage storage systems, go ahead and install them in your garage. They are very easy to install and help you out immensely to save and utilize a lot of space in the garage. Be creative in your own way and add to these ideas and very soon you will have some of the best garage ceiling storage systems in your garage.

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