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For a long time now, garage storage ideas DIY [do-it-yourself] has been a popular means by which garage storage plans have been executed. DIY garage organization is a cost-saving and therefore, budget-friendly means by which to organize ones garage space without compromising on the family budget. While it might be convenient to simply head over to the nearest home organization store and pick up readymade storage units, the fact remains that they are very expensive and often, do not really satisfy storage needs.

DIY Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Thanks to the multitude of enthusiastic DIY believers who post their successful projects on the Internet, the concept of garage storage ideas DIY and the subject of DIY garage organization have become widely discussed, tweaked, and implemented with great results. One of the many benefits of garage storage ideas that are implemented via the DIY method rather than a store bought method, is that it allows for valuable family time and family projects.

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Garage storage ideas DIY for small elements in the garage area

Among the many types of DIY projects that can be implemented with great ease, storage ideas for the smaller elements in a garage space are the simplest. For younger children in the house who also want to participate in garage storage ideas DIY projects, it is a good idea to involve them with finding household items that are good for storing smaller implements which, if lost, can be very annoying to locate during emergencies.

DIY Garage Shelving Ideas

Old egg cartons are among the more underrated of household items that are thrown away; they can easily be converted into stackable storage units for small bulbs and small, heavy screws, nuts and bolts.

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Old coffee mugs too, can be decorated and used as quick storage units which do not require much building but can be decorated and labeled for fun. Old shoe boxes and medium size cartons can also be cut and designed to form makeshift drawers; plans on how to do this are widely available on the Internet and the project is safe for every age group.

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Old lunch boxes and pencil cases too, can be lightly modified or stacked together as storage units. Among the more popular garage storage ideas DIY projects is the “hanging storage” project; this involves fashioning a hanging unit by using a clothes hanger and attaching pockets to it, which can then store a variety of lightweight items. Once done, it is advised to stick on labels to each pocket that will let you know what is inside. Garage storage ideas DIY enthusiasts swear by the efficiency of this useful project!

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Garage storage ideas DIY for larger elements in the garage area

It can sometimes get quite difficult to manage larger items that are commonly stored in a garage space, and these garage storage ideas DIY are sure to come in handy. A pin board is an ideal place to hang various larger elements that are essential, but tend to become impossible to locate at times.

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Hammers, screwdrivers, and other items which will not fit in the aforementioned small drawers can be “hung” by means of nails which are hammered into the board. Since the board is then hung on the wall this is one of many garage storage ideas DIY that are space-saving and ergonomic in nature.

Handyman Storage Ideas

A DIY project for larger and heavier implements such as chainsaws and shovels involves using old kitchen cabinets and old large drawers as storage units. Simply cut the interiors and remove any shelves and you have a safe, child-proof and lockable unit for your large and potentially dangerous items. There are a number of other garage storage ideas DIY that can be sourced from the Internet and easily implemented with a little work.

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