Give a Tuscan edge to your bathroom design

What better way to feel the Tuscan life than to incorporate a Tuscan bathroom design within your house. Bathrooms are private spaces for people, and a lot of time is spent relaxing or unwinding in this crucial room. If you love everything Tuscan, then there is no reason for you to not incorporate a Tuscan design in the bathroom to celebrate your love for the place. A Tuscan bathroom design will immediately make your bathroom look unique and special, and the warmth of the Tuscan atmosphere and culture will permeate into your everyday life.

tuscan bathroom design

The Tuscan landscape is characterized by many aspects. The textures, the colours, the hues, and the cultural elements are all unique and particular. All of these aspects need to be kept in mind while opting for a Tuscan bathroom design. The colours need to be reminiscent of the beautiful terrain in the western part of Italy. The gorgeous, rich colours are an important part of the design, and the colour scheme of the bathroom should be centered on rich earth tones which are also bright and warm. Gold is one colour which can be incorporated very subtly throughout the bathroom. Terra cotta is another colour, as is the shade of the pines. Burnt orange, olive green, and little bits of a warm shade of blue here and there will also help in establishing a distinctly Tuscan bathroom design.

tuscan bathroom design1

The textures around the bathroom also need to reflect upon the Tuscan landscape, and as such, should be carefully thought out. Using marble as a flooring option is not a bad idea, and it adds a lot of opulence to the bathroom without making it too overt. Textured paint can be used on the walls to integrate the Tuscan feel into the design. Stucco walls are also a good option, since it is very deeply ingrained in the Tuscan architecture.

The bathroom should have a rustic edge to it, but this rustic feel should be included in style. A typical feature of the architecture there includes stone sinks. Natural stone should be incorporated very delicately. The flooring can also include textured stone tiles to add to the rustic feel without going overboard.

tuscan bathroom design2

Metal, preferably golden polished metal, can be used very effectively for all the fittings. The taps, the shower, the knobs on the doors and the towel racks as well as other such fixtures can be made of it, so as to include the warmth of the Tuscan life and use the modern metal touch. Decorating the bathroom with elements borrowed from Tuscan culture is also a very good way to enhance your Tuscan bathroom design.  Small but significant adornments would include ornate wrought iron fixtures as light holders, mirror frames and holders for toiletries. Miniature frescoes hung around the bathroom are also a very good way of celebrating and reinforcing the feel of Tuscany. Tuscan design and décor is opulent yet rustic. It is not overtly decadent, neither is it minimalistic. It is warm and inviting. It radiates a golden glow which is a reflection on their environment and nature. These are the finishing touches to establishing the perfect Tuscan bathroom design.

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