Glam up your bathroom with ceramic tile designs

Ceramic tiles are perfect in more ways than one, and in a bathroom ceramic tile designs are the best way to go for people who are not just looking for style and finish, but are also looking for quality and durability. Ceramic tiles come in various shapes, sizes and colours. They are flooding the tile shops, and are constantly being reinvented to suit the modern standards and the new designs.Ceramic tiles have been used in the bathrooms and kitchens of many a household since ages. This is because these tiles don’t just look good they are also very apt for these rooms. Ceramic tiles are water resistant, and are very easy to clean. This makes them perfect for not just the bathroom floors, but also for the bathroom walls. In a bathroom ceramic tile designs fit in perfectly on account of how fit they are for the requirements of the room and also because they are surprisingly low maintenance.

bathroom ceramic tile designs

Ceramic tiles can be used in various ways in the bathroom. These tiles can be used for almost all kinds of bathroom designs and since they come in so many shapes and colours. Before going to the shop and picking out the tiles, however, the layout and the design of the bathroom needs to be decided upon. For smaller bathrooms, ceramic tile designs should be based on lighter colours. Also, the tiles should be of medium or small size, since bigger tiles tend to dwarf the size of the room, thereby making the effect quite clumsy. For the flooring, especially, it is advisable that the ceramic tiles should not be too small. A lot of dirt and grime accumulates on the bathroom floor, and getting the dirt out of the grouts in the case of very small tiles will be a very hard job.

bathroom ceramic tile designs1

If the bathroom is big and spacious, then one can experiment a lot with the size and the colour of the ceramic tiles, both on the floor and on the walls. The tiles laid out on the floors can be of bigger sizes, and darker colours. Neutral colours are very much in vogue right now. And grey has become a very chic colour in the most recent bathroom designs. Liberal use of bolder, darker colours on the floor can always be off-set with neutral colours on the wall, in order to create a beautiful, aesthetic contrast.

bathroom ceramic tile designs2

Ceramic tiles have evolved from being simply utilitarian to being outright chic. Since these tiles are not very expensive, they can be used for a wide variety of innovative designs. When figuring out what to do with your bathroom ceramic tile designs should always be a huge part of your consideration. They are also very easy to lay out on the floor, and a little bit of practice can help you lay them out by yourself, thereby saving the cost of labour, which is almost never cheap. These tiles can be laid out in mosaic patterns, in a checkered pattern, is stripes and in many other ways, to create a fun, inspiring look for your bathroom.

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