Green bathroom design tips for you

If you have a green bathroom design plan ready, then you need to cross check the plan to see if all the components have been covered. This is an important thing to do as a design plan for a green bathroom is slightly different from a regular bathroom plan. For example, the lighting scheme has to be very specific. You can only install lights that match the green shades of the walls and floor. Then, you need to have specific accessories to go with the green walls and floor. So make sure you have these things checked before you proceed with the design plan.

Things to include in the green bathroom design plan

  1. Lighting scheme – If you have a green bathroom, you can go for bright yellow or dull green lights. If only one wall is painted green, you can have a bright recessed light focused on that wall. If you have a green shower compartment, you can have bright yellow lights in it to get a good effect. If the walls of the bathroom are painted dark green, you must have bright lights because a dark color would eat up a lot of light. So make sure you get the lights in accordance to the color of the bathroom.
  2. Accessories – If you have painted your walls green or have installed green tiles on the walls and floor, you need to have accessories in matching shades as well. If you want an all green bathroom, then go for green colored vanities and cabinets. If you want to play around with colors, you could opt for accessories in different colors such as red and yellow. This would give a nice contrasting look to the bathroom.
  3. Green tiles – If you are building a bathroom from scratch and want to give it a green tint, you could opt for the green tiles. Green tiles can be placed on the walls as well as on the floor. This is one of the best ways to give your bathroom a green look. If you want a completely green colored bathroom, you could get all the tiles in shades of green. Else, you could mix them up with white and get a very elegant look. Then, you could go for green bathroom fixtures such as a green toilet, a green sink and a green tub. These elements will help you build a wonderful green bathroom.

Green bathroom designGreen bathroom designGreen bathroom design

A green bathroom looks very nice, but when building such a bathroom you have to be careful and not go overboard with the colors. Always remember that anything that looks too jarring is never pleasant to the eyes. So even if you are introducing a hint of green in the bathroom, keep it subdued or else your bathroom will not look like a very relaxing place. Mix the colors and shades up to give your bathroom a pretty look. If you want help, consult a professional interior designer and ask him or her to draw up a good green bathroom design plan for you.

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