Handicap bathroom designs that work for you

If you are looking for some good handicap bathroom designs, you must first remember that a bathroom designed for a handicapped person is very different from a bathroom designed in a regular fashion. There are certain provisions that need to be made for a handicap bathroom. If you have been given the task of constructing a bathroom that is to be used by handicapped people, keep the points mentioned below in mind. If the bathroom you build is not user friendly, you will end up with an unsuccessful result. So to avoid that, never forget the following.

Things to remember when drafting handicap bathroom designs

  1. Size of the bathroom – A handicapped person may need walking aids like crutches or even a wheelchair to move about. As a result, the bathroom must be large enough to accommodate these things. You cannot have a half bathroom or a very small bathroom for a handicapped person. So before you begin the project, make sure you make provisions for space that is as large as possible.
  2. Lighting scheme – The next most important point to keep in mind is that a handicapped person may not be able to see very clearly, so the lighting has to be very bright. You cannot have a dimly lit bathroom for a handicapped person. So make sure you install many bright lights in the bathroom.
  3. No stairs or uneven ground – You absolutely cannot have stairs or an uneven ground in a handicap toiled. Like mentioned above, the user may have a wheelchair or crutches and it would become very difficult, if not impossible, for him or her to use the stairs and navigate on the uneven ground.
  4. Simple design – The overall design of the bathroom should be plain and simple. Do not install any fancy or difficult to use fixtures and accessories. Have the basic items – a toilet, a sink, a shower, a mirror and the faucets. If you have very fancy and tricky to use bathroom accessories, the person using the bathroom may find it very difficult to use them and that would defeat the entire purpose of having them in the bathroom.

Handicap bathroom designs
Handicap bathroom designs
Handicap bathroom designs

If you are not completely sure about how to build a bathroom for a handicapped person, it would be advisable for you to consult a professional designer. You need to make a perfect bathroom as there is no room for errors in such a project. If you cannot afford a designer or cannot find one, you can log on to the internet. Some of the best designs are found online and if you look closely, you would find many options. Look for images, blueprints, articles and tutorials as all of these would help you come up with the perfect plan. Finally, do not forget to consult the person for whom you are making the bathroom. If you happen to live with him or her, ask for suggestions and preferences. This will help you in coming up with the best possible handicap bathroom designs.

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