How to inculcate the feel of a cottage in your bathroom designs

Quaint, warm and cozy are the adjectives which fly to one’s mind while thinking of cottage bathroom designs. Cottages are always snug, inviting and comfortable. They are always associated with an uncomplicated way of life, a pastoral inclination, and a desire to be closer to nature, away from the bustle of the chrome and steel city life. Therefore, bathroom designs which are inspired by cottages also reflect upon the same desires.

cottage bathroom designs

Cottages might be small, but they are always very airy and are filled with light. This is something which needs to reflected in the cottage bathroom designs too. While the bathroom might be small, in order to give it the cottage like feel, it needs to be filled with plenty on natural light and air. To this effect, a skylight, or big windows along one wall can be made, so as to let in plenty of sunlight during the day. Another idea for creating the illusion of more light is to paint the bathroom in light colours only. Dark colours in a cottage bathroom design look out of place, and they take away the feeling of light, airy, pastoral spaces. Apart from white and cream, there are various shades of light blue, green and pink which can be used. Wallpapers should also be light in colour, and should not have bold designs on them.

cottage bathroom designs2

Cottage bathroom ideas should always include dim, cozy, inviting lighting in it. Apart from the natural light during the day, the lights for the evening should preferably be yellow, and adding lampshades to the bathroom is a very good idea, in order to establish the quaint feeling. These designs need not necessarily be feminine. Apart from reflecting the feel of a cottage, it should also reflect upon your personality. For those who are florally oriented. Light-coloured floral wallpaper, plenty of fresh flowers in a vase, and small potted plants in the corners is fabulous idea. A rustic approach can also be taken, when opting for cottage bathroom designs. Solid, unpolished wooden door and furniture,  and minimal decorations can achieve this feel.

cottage bathroom designs1

Cottages are small, and so are the bathrooms, so the bathroom needs to be small but compact and comfortable. The cottage bathroom designs need to be carefully planned out to make way for the essential space required for a bathing area, a sink and a toilet. The storage also needs to be taken care of, as does the space required to let in natural light. Place vintage-inspired fittings in the bathroom, and store the laundry as well as fresh towels in wickers baskets under the sink and beside the bathtub. They add to the feel of the cottage-inspired vision.

Cottage bathroom designs need to feel good, through and through. They yield bathrooms which instantly brighten up one’s day. Such designs need to reflect the freshness of a bathroom in a cottage near the woods or the open fields. Adding pot-pourri and beaded wood trimmings are some of the small touches which shall help enhance the cottage bathroom designs.

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