Make way for the subway tile in your bathroom designs.

As far as tiles go, subway tile bathroom designs are in vogue right now! Subway tiles have a very self-explanatory name, and have a very significant historical connection. They were used in the beginning to the twentieth century, in the subways of New York. Typically, these tiles are supposed to be white and glossy. They are supposed to be arranged in a brick pattern. But with time comes reinvention, and with reinvention comes innovation.

subway tile bathroom designs

Subway tile bathroom designs now exist in many different shades and colours. These tiles are traditionally made out of ceramic, but due to the increase of subway tile bathroom designs, these tiles are also coming up in a wide variety of materials. Stone is one of the more common alternatives which is being used instead of ceramic. The subway tile also has thin lines of grout around it. This is also supposed to be white, but since designs are breaking boundaries and exploring new dimensions to materials of historical value, innovations are being done even to the grout.

subway tile bathroom designs1

Subway tile bathroom designs are not just fashionable, they are also very user-friendly. Water slips off them very easily, they do not require much care, and they are very strong and durable. This, coupled with the fact that the subway tile bathroom designs seem to be growing in popularity, is making this tile morph into different forms of itself in order to accommodate different kinds of tastes and preferences. Adding history and nostalgia to your bathroom would translate into using the tiles exactly as they were used for the subways. Lining them up horizontally, with the white tiles and the white grout adds a sense of historical legacy to the bathroom. The white can always be off-set by wooden accessories, colourful, bright fixtures and other such additions. Wood and subway tile bathroom designs make a very interesting statement.

subway tile bathroom designs2

One can hold on to the historical feel of the tiles and yet make room for innovation when it comes to subway tile bathroom designs. If you want the tile to remain as it is, then use white tiles, and get coloured grouting to go with it. The finished look of walls made of this colour pattern is very striking and is also very bright and cheerful. Another method of experimenting with these tiles is to keep the grouting of the same colour, but to use the actual tiles in a different colour.

In case of a small sized bathroom, it is best that the tiles remain the traditional shade of white, but with larger bathrooms, the subway tile bathroom designs can grow to include bolder colours with more variation in them. The different textures which these tiles now come in can also be included in order to add more character to the walls of the bathroom. The tile placements can also be switched around in order to make things more interesting. The subway tile bathroom designs can include the tiles being placed vertically instead of the traditional horizontal design so as to add more height to the walls of the bathroom. If you love everything about New York, and if you want to celebrate its history with a design in your bathroom, opt for the subway tiles!

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