Improve Your Home by Making a Mudroom Shoe Storage

A mudroom shoe storage area is a very integral part of a home. This is because having a mudroom in the house prevents people from running into the house with their dirty shoes and thereby making the entire house dirty. So if you are building a house, makes sure you make a mudroom shoe storage area for your family members to keep their dirty shoes in. A shoe storage entryway is very easy to make and even if you have limited space, you can do it with ease. Take a look at this article to know how you can build a mudroom shoe bench and why it is so very important to have one in every house.

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Tips for building the perfect mudroom shoe storage

  1. Place a few benches – The easiest and quickest way to get a shoe storage area is to get a bench with a compartment beneath it. The bench will double up as a seat for you to sit and wear and take off the shoes which can be then stored right under. A bench doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can fit in at any angle that you find suitable. This will be a good and effective way to store your shoes in the mudroom.Mudroom Boot Storage

  2. Place a locker – If there is very limited space in the hallway, then you can place a few wall mounted lockers there. The wall mounting will save space on the ground and you can easily store your shoes there. This will prevent the shoes from piling up near the door and will keep the place clean and tidy.Mudroom Shoe Bench

  3. Separate compartments for clean and dirty shoes – If there is some extra space available, then go ahead and make two separate compartments either in the bench or in the locker for clean and dirty shoes. You can have a section dedicated to the home shoes. So when you or your kids come home, you can remove your dirty shoes, put them in the designated place and wear your home shoes. Similarly, while going out, the home shoes can be stowed away and the other shoes can be slipped on.Mudroom Shoe Storage Ideas

Practical ideas regarding mudroom shoe storage areas

If you are building a shoe storage are in your mudroom, keep the following in mind:

  • Build the mudroom away from the main entrance door – It is always a good idea to have the mudroom at the back or a side entrance. This way, the family members can enter through that door, leave their shoes there and come into the house with a clean pair of shoe. The guests however will not be bothered and they can walk in directly from the front door.mudroom shoe storage

  • Have proper ventilation – Then, you must ensure that the mudroom shoe storage area is properly ventilated. As we all know, a dirty shoe can be very smelly! So if the air does not circulate, the entire place will start to smell and the unpleasantness can travel to the other rooms of the house as well. to prevent this, have the best kind of ventilation systems installed in the mudroom.Shoe Storage Entryway

As we can clearly see from the points mentioned above, it is very important to have a shoe storage compartment in the mudroom. So go ahead and take some effort and install a few shoe storage facilities in the mudroom. Not only will this prove to be hygienic for you and your family members, it will also keep your home clean and tidy. Check out the cool mudroom shoe storage design plans and choose one that suits your requirement.

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