Narrow bathroom woes can be solved with a few clever design ideas

If you are having space issues in your private space, then maybe it is time to look into a clever narrow bathroom design which can help transform the feel of the room. Narrow bathrooms can become quite troublesome. They tend to get cluttered very easily, moving around can become troublesome in narrow bathrooms, and they can start looking and feeling claustrophobic. A bathroom is scared space for people. It is where we all relax and unwind, and a congested, restricted bathroom prevents exactly that that from happening. Also, there are a lot of practical problems such as storage issues which are associated with a narrow bathroom. However, a good idea or design for the bathroom can transform the bathroom by manipulating the issue of space.

narrow bathroom design

The first golden rule to make a narrow bathroom design appear wider is to paint it in light colours. While white is the best option, there are colours such as light lemon-yellow, light blue, light pink, a very pale shade of lilac, cream and beige which can help make the bathroom look more airy and spacious than it really is. The ceiling should be painted white in order to make the effect complete. If you favor the darker colours, then they can be used for small objects inside the bathroom, such as the soap holder, or the towel rack, but by and large, try to stick to the lighter colours to set the base for the perfect narrow bathroom design.

narrow bathroom design1

One major consideration with regard to a narrow bathroom design should be storage. A narrow bathroom leaves very little room for storage, and protruding storage spaces along the sides just makes the bathroom look smaller and narrower. One way of eliminating this problem is to build the storage spaces into the walls. Other tactful storage spaces include the space under the sink, where a small cabinet can be built, or about the toilet. This solves the problem of taking up extra space just for the storage.

narrow bathroom design2

Lots of mirrors should be included in the narrow bathroom design plans. Mirrors along the walls help give out the illusion that there is more space, and the claustrophobic atmosphere diminishes considerably. The bathroom should also be built so as to let in plenty of natural light. Big windows can help make the bathroom look less narrow than it really is. And a lot of daylight helps makes the bathroom feel airy and spacious which, coupled with the light-coloured walls, will help eliminate the narrow aspect considerably. For the evening lighting, the narrow bathroom design should include lights which are placed on the centre of the ceiling rather than on the sides. The light spreading to the sides from the centre also gives the effect of the bathroom being wider than it really is.

The flooring of the bathroom should also be of light colours. If you want to include multiple colours here, a good idea would be to make horizontal stripes along the floor which will have a widening effect on the feel of the bathroom. Doing away with dark-coloured shower curtains or panels is another good idea. Clear ones will give a more spacious feel to the room, thereby adding the finishing touches to a successful narrow bathroom design plan.


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