Relaxing Stone Shower for Fun Shower

Who would not want to have stone shower inside their house? Well, I am one of those people. Once, I did not care about using stone material for my shower. However, when I saw the shower of my friend’s, I changed my mind right away. I was literally drooling, wanting to get the stone material for the shower right away. Of course, the stone is designed professionally too! In fact, I have searched for some designs that will make the shower looks great and different from how it was before.

Polished Stone Shower That is Natural

The stone shower ideas I found will definitely blow many people’s minds away. The first kind of design I found is where the stone material has the color of pale cream or mud white. Of course, the decoration is made of round wooden frame mirror and a pair of mini brown chairs to complete the set with the mirror. The doors for the bathroom is made of glass though to give the bathroom some modern ambiance.

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Here is another design that fuses modern design and the stone material perfectly. The walls of the bathroom is made of wood that is painted in white. Some glass and windows are installed on the wooden walls too, of course. Some mini lamps can also be installed at the side of the window for some extra illumination. If everything is in wood and glass, where is the stone then? The stone is no other at the side of the wall where the shower is installed, of course. This way, the modern aspect and natural aspect balance perfectly in the bathroom.

Stone Shower with Comfort

As it can be seen, the natural stone material of the bathroom makes the bathroom more comforting than how it usually is. This is because of the material that more natural than the normal ones, making the residents feel more relaxed inside the bathroom. Trust me, installing the refreshing stone shower ideas will definitely not be regretted.


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