Know Your Options for Retractable Roof Pergola Designs

Finding a good retractable roof pergola design may not be a very difficult job, but putting the design to use may sometimes be a little tricky. However, if you work in a methodical manner and follow the instructions carefully, the job will become very simple and you will be able to use the retractable roof pergola designs very effectively. A retractable roof is very useful in a pergola as you can cover it when you need and remove it when you need. A fixed roof often narrows down the options and so more and more people opt for the retractable roofs.

Motorized Pergola Covers

Motorized Pergola Roof

The best retractable roof pergola designs

Retractable pergola roofs are primarily of two kinds, motorized and manual. So you can either open or close the roof with the help of a button or you can do it using your own hands. Let us take a look at these in detail.

  • Motorized pergola roof – A motorized pergola roof is operated with the help of an engine and you can open or close it with either a remote control or by pushing a few buttons. These kinds of retractable roof pergola designs are becoming more and more popular in the modern day world where hosts like entertaining their guests in their hi-tech pergolas. The roof can be opened entirely or partially and closed similarly with the help of the motor. It is an easy and convenient option, but obviously costs you a lot of money to get it ready and running.Pergola Retractable Covering Fabric

  • Manual pergola roof – A manual pergola roof has to be opened and shut by using your own hands. Usually, there is a pulley lever that can be tugged at to adjust the roofing. This system is not as hi-tech as the motorized system, but it has its own charm and so a lot of people still like using it. It is also much less expensive than a motorized system.Retractable Canopy for Pergola

Finding and using the retractable roof pergola designs

If you are looking for some design ideas, you could:

  1. Look online – The best place to look for a pergola roof design is on the internet. There are many pictures and design plans that will help you in finalizing your own design plan. You can check out the roofs in different materials, operated in different systems and available in different price ranges. Additionally, you can also read articles, blogs and forum posts and get a better understanding of these design plans.Retractable Pergola Awning

  2. Consult an architect – If you are very serious about finding the best possible design plan for the retractable roof, then you should definitely consult an architect who will guide you well. Tell the architect what your exact requirements are and ask him to custom make a plan exclusively for your outdoor pergola.Retractable Roof Pergola DIY

  3. Speak to your friends – If you have a friend who has recently installed a retractable roof for his pergola, ask him for some suggestions and tips. Getting a firsthand account of the job will give you a very clear understanding of what you will need, etc.retractable roof pergola

Building a retractable roof for an outdoor pergola is indeed a very good idea. Often, during the hot daytime people prefer to have the pergola covered and at night, star gazing from inside the pergola is also common. So it makes a lot of sense for you as well to have a retractable roof for your pergola so that you can adjust it as and when you need to do so. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and check out the various retractable roof pergola designs and very soon you will have a beautiful roof for the pergola too.

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