A rustic look is great for a successful bathroom design

All things rustic are warm and welcoming, and a rustic bathroom design is for all those who prefer a warm, welcoming, rustic feel to their bathrooms over the alienation of steel and chrome. Rustic bathrooms have a charm which few other styles can imitate. It is not a way of life which is polished and urbane, but is warm, rough-hewn and inviting. If you love everything rustic, and if your bathroom is your ultimate relaxation destination, then getting a rustic bathroom design is the best option for you!

rustic bathroom design

Nothing says rustic like unpolished wood. Generous amounts of unpolished but good quality wooden planks can be used for the majority of the bathroom. A big cabinet, which should not too ornate, can be made of such wood, and will be able to fit in most of the objects in the bathroom which require storage. If you are ready to splurge on wooden walls, make sure you cover the bathroom walls with rough, unpolished wooden planks which can be arranged with a little bit of space in between them so as to give it a more rustic, rough feel to the whole room. Another good idea would be to get the outer fittings of the bathtub made of unpolished wood. Nothing spells rustic as much as this particular décor idea and using it lavishly around the bathroom can give it a wonderfully rustic feel.

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The flooring can be made of natural stone tiles. These tiles require almost no maintenance, and are they also possess an innate texturing which helps establish a distinctly rustic bathroom design. Natural stone can also be used liberally for other aspects. Some of the major fittings can be made out of natural stones. The sink, for example, can be made out of rough-hewn natural stone, and instead of having an elaborate design, it can have a slightly rustic, rough finish to it.

Wrought iron with an old feel to it can be used for fittings. These fittings should not be ornate or very new in appearance. Rustic design prides itself on having a slightly shabby feel to it. Anything too delicate should also be avoided in a distinctly rustic décor. A rustic bathroom design means making it look slightly worn out, slightly rough-cut, and distinctly non-urbane. Keeping this is mind is essential while going about designing a rustic bathroom.

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If you want to go all out with the rustic edge to the bathroom, using exposed bricks is not a bad idea either. One side of the wall can be made of exposed bricks, and you can always decorate it with framed pictures, while keeping in mind that the frames too should not be too ornate. Rustic frames can be made very easily at home. Rustic chic, however, no longer implies living uncomfortably. Due to its popularity, there are many fittings today which are custom made to give out a distinct rustic feel to it. The mirror in a rustic bathroom design can be left unframed, but if you want a frame, a wooden one with sandpapered paint can do wonders in adding to the rustic charm of the bathroom.

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