Splash white all over your bathroom designs!

White is the new black, and white bathroom designs are growing in popularity by the day! White is a serene colour. It is the colour of peace, of serenity, and enlightenment. The colour immediately soothes the nerves, and calms the mind, and adding liberal amounts of white to your bathroom cannot be a bad idea at all! Bathrooms are a place of relaxation and reflection. We start the day in the bathroom, and we end the day with a trip to the bathroom. The positivity of the colour, as well as its soothing effect is just the right cure for people who lead hectic, busy lives, and who are crave for the calm which this colour provides.

white bathroom design

White may not seem like a good idea to many people, because of the impression that a predominantly white bathroom will be harder to maintain, since it will get dirtier, faster. However, in the case of bathrooms, how dirty the bathroom will get depends on the flooring and the walls of the bathroom. Most tiles are especially made so that water or dirt slips off them very easily. A Therefore, keeping it clean would basically mean splashing some water on the dirty bits of the bathroom, once in a white. White bathroom designs are quite innovative, because white, as a colour, can be set as a base for so many things.

white bathroom design1

White bathroom designs are also perfect for smaller sized bathrooms. Lighter colours make small spaces appear bigger and airier. Therefore, a white bathroom helps make a small bathroom look chic as well as airy. A white bathroom employs the colour white to most of the major parts of the bathroom. White walls, white flooring, a white tub, a white vanity and a toilet as well as a white sink is an ideal white bathroom. However, white bathroom designs are not boring. White too, has various shades one can pick from. If the different parts of the bathroom are done up in different shades of white, these shades stand out, and reveal their subtle differences in such a bathroom. Also, the white can be overlaid with other textures and colours to break the monotony. Wood can be used to cover the outer part of the tub, a small cabinet can be made out of wood which is not polished white, small and brightly coloured accessories, such as toothbrush holders, soap holders, shower curtains and brightly coloured towels are just some of the objects which help make the bathroom even more interesting.

white bathroom design2

With white bathroom designs, one can also play with textures. The walls of such a bathroom can be covered with textured paint, which the flooring can be done with white ceramic tiles or white terracotta tiles. The vanity and the mirror frame can be wooden, and the walls of the shower area can be of a different texture. Each of these materials provide a different feel and a different look to them, and the overall effect is subtle but glamorous. The lighting in the bathroom needs to be perfect so as to not make the white look glaring, but soft and welcoming, like it should be.

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