Be unique when it comes to your bathroom designs

Coming up with unique bathroom designs are for the daring and the independent minded people. Bathrooms are sacred space. Perhaps even more so, than the bedrooms, and as such, it is the ultimate room for relaxation and unwinding. The bathroom should reflect your personality, and if you want to stand out, and be different, coming up with unique bathroom designs is one way to go about doing just that! There are many conventional bathroom designs out in the market. The internet is flooded with ideas about what your bathroom should look like, but the conventional ideas often lead to your bathroom looking like everyone else’s. In order to prevent this from happening, opt for unique bathroom designs which reflect upon your own personality rather than looking like just another modern-day décor product.

unique bathroom designs

Instead of conforming to the run-of-the-mill décor trends, the first step towards getting the perfect unique bathroom design is to come up with unique bathroom designs. Figuring out what you like best is of utmost importance. Decide on a particular idea in order to come up with the designs. A bathroom inspired by a particular historic period is one way of going about it. If you like the Victorian age, and the glamour and grace associated with it, then start researching on items which define that period. Figure out the architectural styles and the interior designs associated with the period and start working on it. If you like old movies, old songs, and everything vintage, then go about adding a worn-out but warm vintage feel to your bathroom.

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If you love the wildlife, then coming up with unique bathroom designs will be a piece of cake. From the savannahs to the Amazonian forests, from the African wilderness to the Australian outback, there are plenty of wildlife themes to choose from. Use the colours that best define the kind of wildlife you like. Add texture by trying to recreate the textures of the land you are inspired by, and if you want to go really wild, then you can stencil the flora and fauna of that particular kind of wildlife to your walls. Small accessories which reflect on your love of wildlife will also help. Use rustic wooden frames for your mirror, add animal-printed towels to the racks, and add leaf-prints to the shower curtains and doormats, and a long bath in your favorite bathroom will transform you to your favorite jungle.

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Of you like kitsch, then don’t be afraid to show your love for it. Come up with unique bathroom designs which will commemorate your fascination for this style. Add unique paraphernalia to the bathroom which can cleverly double up as accessories you can use. Buy crazy, colourful accessories, and do not be afraid to experiment with the bathroom fixtures. Kitsch isn’t about subtlety. It comes with an element of boldness, and it is all about wearing your love for everything you like, on your sleeve. In this case, it is about your kitschy bathroom. Do not be worried about colour coordination and don’t be dull while deciding on everything kitschy.

Unique bathroom designs are fun, and they are daring. They are hallmarks of how independent and non-conforming you are. But make sure you decide on a design you will like for years afterwards.


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