Universal design bathrooms are growing more popular by the day

Universal design bathrooms are geared towards being accessible and usable to everyone. These bathrooms are specially made so as to accommodate all kinds of people. It makes exceptions for different age groups, genders, disabilities and conditions. Universal bathrooms were not very popular a few years ago. The concept, at that time, was very specialized and was applied in very rare cases. But more and more people are opting for such bathrooms, not just in their homes but also in the workplaces. The accommodating nature of the bathroom ensures comfort for everyone.

universal design bathrooms

The universal design bathrooms, at their very crux employ a very global vision on how the bathroom should be. It looks beyond immediate needs and makes provisions for all kinds of situations. The bathrooms are designed, with a more expansive usage in mind. Instead of making a generic bathroom which is usable by the people who are getting it made at the immediate moment, universal design bathrooms apply a wider science to the interiors. The bathrooms are designed is such a way so as to make provisions for all age groups. It is safe enough, and accessible enough for a child to use, without getting hurt, or feeling incapable. At the same time, old and senile senior citizens can also use these bathrooms with little or no help.

Often, children, or senior citizens feel very helpless when they use the generic bathrooms. These bathrooms do not make way for the consideration of old people or of children. Both these age groups need special attention and provisions which universal design bathrooms provide for. The whole bathroom is made in such a way so as to be user-friendly to people of all age groups. Every tiny fitting is selected to be of use to everyone. From the bathtub and the toilet, to the sink and the height at which the sink is placed, the little details ensure that the bathroom defies age limitations.

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The universal design bathrooms also make provisions for people with disabilities. The frame of the door is made wide enough for a wheel chair to be brought in, at ease. There are grab bars which are placed at strategic locations so that they can be relied on, for balance. The floors are made in such a way so as to ensure that it is not slippery, and that wheelchairs and walking sticks do not skid or face too much friction to impede movement or safety.

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All the products in the bathroom should be made of very good quality. This is because, sine it caters to a wide variety of people, and makes exceptions for everyone, skimping out on the quality hinders its most basic function. Due to this, universal design bathrooms are very long lasting. Also, they do not need to be renovated over time. Because these bathrooms are so accommodating, the presence of a child in the house will not require changes to be made. These bathrooms will last people well into their old-age, and special requirements, or stressful conditions are lessened very substantially with a universal design at hand.

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