Use your space wisely and come up with a compact bathroom design

If space is something which you have very limited amounts of, then a compact bathroom design is just what you need in order to make complete use of the area allocated for the room. Bathrooms are important to us, not just for our daily ablutions, but also because these are rooms which we cherish greatly. Bathrooms are a place for unwinding, for relaxing, for some alone time. Bathrooms are scared to most of us, and therefore, it is crucial that our bathrooms are made for comfort and complete utility.

A compact bathroom design means making smart choices about the placement of important fittings, and it also entails coming up with storage options without taking up too much space. A compact bathroom is ideal for small spaces where everything is designed so usefully and practically that it does not pain the eye, or the user, to enter the bathroom. In order to start working on the compact bathroom, it is best to seek some professional advice about how well things can be fitted into a small space and how user-friendly and enduring such placements would be. Often, after we come up with the designs, we end up figuring out that certain thinks cannot be placed as imagined because of various issues. Eliminate this limitation by nipping it at the bud. Come up with a few ideas and get them approved by a professional interior designer.

compact bathroom design

For a compact bathroom design, try to fit in as much as possible, as efficiently as possible. And all of this has to be done so as to leave sufficient space for moving around comfortably.  A small shower cubicle is one good idea for a compact bathroom. A tub will take up more space, but if it needs to be there then make sure it does not take up more space than required. Keeping it in the corner of the room, attached to one wall, will help ensure that it is not wasting any space around itself. A compact bathroom also requires efficient storage. Cabinets can be built below the sink, and some can be built into the walls to ensure efficient use of space. The towel racks can also be built inside the wall, instead of it jutting out.

compact bathroom design1

The mirror can be built into a smaller cabinet which can be hoisted up, so as to use as much wall space as possible, without cluttering the small area. A small shelf in the shower cubicle or above the tub can ensure some bath essentials at hand without using extra space. All odds and ends can be put into a small box which can also double up as a stool or a chair which can be used around the bathroom.

compact bathroom design2

A compact bathroom design ensures maximum usage with minimum space consumption. It is geared towards finding new and innovative ways of designing bathrooms so that the look good, feel good, and are of maximum value and use. A few golden rules which should be kept in mind while opting for a compact bathroom design is that lighter colours should be used for the bathroom, and that enough lighting should be provided, both natural and artificial.

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