Useful handicap bathroom designs

If you are building a bathroom for a special needs person, you would surely find the handicap bathroom designs useful. A handicap bathroom is very different from a regular bathroom. The main difference is that such a bathroom requires more space than a regular bathroom. The space is not just limited to the area, but also to the spaces between objects in the bathroom. You cannot have bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories too close to each other as then the person using the bathroom would have a lot of difficulty moving around in there. The lighting of a handicap bathroom should also be done carefully as without sufficient lights, the bathroom would be deemed ineffective.

Finding the best handicap bathroom designs

While building a bathroom for a differently abled person may be a slightly tricky job, it cannot be done at all if you do not have a good design plan. So before you begin the job, keep the following in mind:

  1. Size – The bathroom has to be large enough to accommodate the person and any aids that he or she may use like a wheelchair, etc.
  2. Light – The bathroom has to be very well lit and bright so that even someone with a low vision can comfortably move around and see everything in the bathroom.
  3. Ramps – If the bathroom is at an elevated level, there should be proper ramps so that the wheelchair can be navigated.
  4. Level floors – The floor of the bathroom should not be uneven and should be level and uniform. This would allow the user to move about the bathroom in a safe and easy manner.
  5. Uncomplicated designs – While modern bathroom fixtures and accessories are becoming more and more popular these days, it makes a lot of sense to stick to the basic, traditional designs in handicap bathrooms. This allows the differently abled person to use the bathroom and toilet easily.

handicap bathroom designs
handicap bathroom designs
handicap bathroom designs

If you are looking for a proper handicap bathroom designs, you could look on the internet. The huge number of images, illustrations, articles and tutorials available online would give you a fair idea about handicap bathrooms. You could use these designs and build up the bathroom. You could either directly copy the designs or get inspired by them. You can draw your own design and have it implemented in the bathroom. You could also find the design ideas in magazines and catalogues. If you cannot understand the designs mentioned in these places, consult a professional interior designer and ask him or her to design the bathroom for you.

If you have a small space in your house, build a large handicap friendly bathroom which everyone can use, rather than having a separate handicap bathroom. This will save you space, time and money as you do not have to then spend on constructing two separate bathrooms. Use the handicap bathroom designs effectively and you will soon have a very handy and useful bathroom in your own house.


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