Different Types of Waterproof Pergola Covers

If you are looking for some waterproof pergola cover ideas, you will be happy to know that there are many options to choose from. You can use all kinds of materials such as canvas, plastic, glass, etc to keep the rain out of the pergola. Waterproofing a pergola is a very good idea since water damage is common reason why pergolas get spoilt and disfigured. So if you are planning to get a roof made for the pergola in your garden, you could take a look at the points mentioned below and pick up some very cool and useful tips.

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Various forms of waterproof pergola cover

  1. Glass – Having a glass roof for the outdoor pergola will not only make it look beautiful and classy, it will also make it waterproof. As a result, glass is often chosen as a reliable waterproof pergola covers. You can get a see through glass cover or you can get a translucent glass cover that will gently let the light in. The options are many and you must make your choice after going through all the options.Pergola Roof Covering

  2. Plastic – A plastic sheet can be used as a temporary waterproof pergola covers if it suddenly starts raining. Permanent covers made out of plastic and PVC are also commonly found in pergolas. Plastic is also a sturdy material that lasts for a long time and protects the pergola very comprehensively.Pergola Shade Covers with Grommet

  3. Canvas – If you like the old world charm of a fabric cover, then you can opt for a canvas covering for the roof of the outdoor pergola. Canvas keeps out water and also keeps the pergola cool and comfortable. The canvas sheets are inexpensive and can and put up quite easily as well and this is perhaps the reason why canvas is considered to be one of the most common pergola roof covering materials.Pergola Tops Fiberglass Screen

Installing a waterproof pergola cover

First and foremost you need to know where you can buy the roof cover from. You can buy the cover from a home improvement store or you can also buy it online. There are many online stores that sell these covers and you end up finding fantastic bargains as well when you shop online. So check out the options and then buy the roof covering you like the most.

After you buy the cover, you can:

  • Install it yourself – If it is a simple material like a plastic sheet or a roll of canvas, you may be able to put it up yourself. You can ask your friends or kids to help you out and in a very short span of time the pergola will be covered completely.Replacement Cover for Pergola

  • Hire some professional workers – If however you are interested in getting a more complicated material like glass or a metal sheet, then you may have to hire a professional construction worker to do the job for you. It is advisable to get such a work done by a professional as even minor errors can lead to serious problems like water leakage later on.Waterproof Pergola Canopy

So now that you know more about the waterproof cover options for your outdoor pergola go right ahead and get the best possible cover. A waterproof cover will not only keep the rain out, it will also help you to maintain the pergola for a longer period of time. In addition to this, the pergola will also look beautiful and you will feel good about it. With so many advantages and benefits, you should get the waterproof covering done immediately. Choose the right waterproof pergola covers and give your pergola and the garden a wonderful new look.

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