If you’re looking for a small bathroom décor, opt for Mexican style ones

It is tricky to develop and realize designs for small bathrooms, and when considering small bathroom décor Mexican style designs should definitely be kept in mind. Small bathrooms are not as easy to design as some of the bigger ones. There are limitations of space, movement, storage, fittings and a lot of other things. A bathroom is a room where we don’t just clean ourselves, but it is also a room where we relax and loosen up. A small bathroom makes it a little difficult to do so. His is because, it tends to get cluttered and congested very easily.

A badly designed small bathroom can lead to annoyance while using it. However, when looking out for innovative small bathroom décor Mexican style fittings are exactly the touches it needs in order to look brighter, more colourful and cheerful. Mexico is characterized by warmth, bustle, variety and culture. Having these elements being reflected in your bathroom décor says a lot about you as a person. Mexican designs are primarily ornate, colourful, motif-oriented and bold. Adding these touches to your bathroom will show that even though space is a constraint, your creativity does not have to be.

small bathroom decor mexican style

Small bathroom decor Mexican style should ideally be decorated with lighter colours. This is because lighter colours make smaller bathrooms look larger and more airy. However, there is no reason for the bathroom to be made of lighter colours exclusively. The bathroom can still have bold touches which defy the normative designs which are usually suggested. While the majority of the bathroom can be coloured a neutral shade of beige or cream, distinct Mexican touches here and there will lead to splashes of colour and boldness exactly where they are required.

small bathroom decor mexican style1

Small bathroom decor Mexican style tiles are ornate and beautiful. There is nothing minimalistic about the approach Mexicans use for their tiling purposes. Their tiles are often painted with dark, rich colours. While they may be on the darker side of the colour palette, these colours still look very bright and contrasting when set against a lighter neutral tone. Many Mexican tiles are painted with elaborate motifs on them, which is the case of a small bathroom décor Mexican style will provide the respite from the monotony and practicality.

It is always difficult to decide on small bathroom décor Mexican style is what helps break the conventional rule decides which one has to follow when they are looking at designs for small bathroom.

small bathroom decor mexican style2

Apart from using the Mexican style Talavera tiles, which are a clean indicator of the Mexican influence in itself, there are other steps to ensure that the bathroom gets a distinctly Mexican edge. The furniture should also be able to establish the Mexican connection. There are many antique stores which sell the ornate, antique wooden furniture which I reminiscent of Mexican culture. A small vanity and a storage cupboard can help establish the connection. If it is a very small bathroom, It is best to keep most of the shades neutral, but colourful touches in the form of a shower curtain, soap holders and towels in dark, bold colours eill help in furthering the Mexican influence on the bathroom.

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